Star Wars Fans Say NO to Bullying!

Something amazing happened within our Star Wars community in the fall of 2010. A little girl named Katie was bullied for carrying a Star Wars water bottle to school. Her mom Carrie, wrote a blog post about her daughter’s experience with being bullied. The Star Wars community immediately rallied around this little fangirl in support and Katie’s story went viral. Unanimously, we all banded together to announce to the world that bullying was not OK.

Carrie spent the next two years doing tireless research in a crusade to end bullying. She wrote a book called Bullied and has now started an Anti-Bullying Summit. The first event was at San Diego Comic-Con and I was honored to be part of this groundbreaking event. Check out the video above by Nerdist about this inspiring movement, and join the conversation.


ashleyAshley Eckstein is the voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and also the founder of Her Universe, the first merchandise line made exclusively for female Star Wars fans! You can follow Ashley on Facebook and Twitter.