Star Wars Art on a New Canvas: Coffee

See how one coffee shop celebrated the might of the Empire with a latte.

Thanks to Coffee-mate for sponsoring this post.

There’s been an awakening. The dark side…and the latte?

That’s right. We apologize deeply for the pun, but take one look at this amazing Star Wars latte art from a local coffee shop, and we think you’ll agree.

The images of Darth Vader and a stormtrooper were created by hand, using a small metallic needle. The process is deceptively difficult, with little margin for error and requiring Jedi-like concentration: “drawing” in foam requires precise movements, as any slip could completely ruin the illustration. It also has to be done — and photographed — quickly, as the design fades into the drink within a matter of seconds. When successful, like in the beverages seen above, it’s a work of art and very, very cool. But you can also mix the Force with your coffee in another way.

Coffee-mate has just released a series of collectible Star Wars containers, decorated top to bottom in the style of specific characters — matched with the appropriate flavor. There’s R2-D2 (French Vanilla), Boba Fett (Italian Sweet Creme), Chewbacca (Spiced Latte), Darth Vader (Espresso Chocolate, with black cap), and C-3PO (Hazelnut). Check them out below!


Star Wars and coffee. With their combined strengths, they can bring order — and Force-powered flavor — to your galaxy. All Star Wars, all the time.