Saga-Spanning All-Ages Star Wars Books – Exclusive Preview

Get a first look at new Star Wars books -- perfect for young Jedi -- coming soon to our galaxy.

If you’re the parent of a Padawan, or just love a good all-ages Star Wars book, then you’ll soon have some exciting potential additions to your Jedi Archives. Disney-Lucasfilm Press has several new titles coming soon, from The Force Awakens-era tales to a new graphic novel adaptation of the prequel trilogy. First revealed on today’s Star Wars Show, get a closer look below at the covers, along with story details, release info, and insights.

Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space series
Writer: Cavan Scott
Writer: Tom Huddleston
US Cover artist: Lucy Ruth Cummins
Interior art: David Buisan
Release date: January 3, 2017

Set just before the events of Star Wars Rebels, the Adventures in Wild Space series stars all-new characters including two sibling heroes, Milo and Lina Graf. The Escape, a prequel in which Milo and Lina look to rescue their parents from Imperials, arrives this week as an eBook; in The Snare, the brother-sister duo take the family starship to the remote planet of Thune and run into the evil Captain Korda; and in The Nest, Milo and Lina track a Rebel transmission to a remote jungle, but also find trouble…

Mattis Banz stands with his arms crossed in front of his squadron as X-wings fly overhead, on the cover of the book Join the Resistance.
Join the Resistance
Writers: Ben Acker and Ben Blacker
Cover and Interior Art: Annie Wu
Release date: March 7, 2017

Described as Star Wars meets The Goonies, Join the Resistance kicks off an all-new action-packed adventure series. The story follows new Resistance recruits who think they’re ready to take on the First Order, but things don’t work out exactly as they’d planned.

“A long time ago, thanks to events in a galaxy far, far away, we thrilled to the possibilities of storytelling: epic adventure, clever, determined heroes, captivating, terrifying villains, chases, fights, banter, romance,” said Acker and Blacker, creators of the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. “We retold these stories and created new ones with our Star Wars toys when we were kids. It’s enormously exciting for us to get to invent and play with Star Wars toys of our own now. We hope the action-packed adventures of our fun characters captivate the audience way we were so captivated forty years ago, thirty years ago, and one year ago.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – A Junior Novel
Writer: Matt Forbeck
eBook on-sale: December 16, 2016
Physical Book on-sale: March 28, 2017

Based on the highly-anticipated film and perfect for fans eight and up, this Junior Novel goes a little deeper than standard adaptations with new insights in the characters and worlds of Rogue One. 


Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy – A Graphic Novel
Writer: Alessandro Ferrari
Artists: Matteo Piana, Andrea Parisi, Davide Turotti, and Kawaii Creative Studio
Release date: April 4, 2017

A companion piece to the New York Times bestselling Star Wars: The Original Trilogy – A Graphic Novel, this beautifully-illustrated book adapts the prequel trilogy (The Phantom MenaceAttack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith) into graphic novel form.

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