For Once, Doctor Aphra is the Responsible One in Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #17 – Exclusive Preview

Plus, Beilert Valance pursues an old idol in Bounty Hunters #19.

You know it’s a bad sign when Doctor Aphra is the most accountable person in the room.

In’s exclusive preview of Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #17, the rogue archeologist and Sana Starros meet Aphra’s old nemesis on Coruscant — in the midst of an arcane ritual, of course. Meanwhile, Beilert Valance faces off with the Imperial who first inspired him to join the Empire in the next issue of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters.

Doctor Aphra #17, from writer Alyssa Wong and artist Minkyu Jung, with a cover by Sara Pichelli, arrives January 5 and is available for pre-order now on ComiXology; Bounty Hunters #19, from writer Ethan Sacks and artist Ramón F. Bachs, with a cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, lands December 29 and is available for pre-order now on ComiXology. Both will also be on sale at your local comic shop.

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