Padmé’s Handmaiden Hunts a Sith Lord in Marvel’s Darth Vader #20 – Exclusive Preview

While Sabé searches for clues, Vader tracks Crimson Dawn.

“There’s still good in him.” With the last of her strength, Padmé uttered these hopeful words about her husband, Anakin Skywalker. And although Amidala is long dead, in a digital archive on Polis Massa, the moment is frozen time.

In’s exclusive preview of Marvel’s Star Wars: Darth Vader #20, a clue from the past could help Padmé’s loyal friend and handmaiden, Sabé, on her quest to track down Darth Vader. But Vader is on a hunt of his own…

Darth Vader #20, from writer Greg Pak and artist Raffaele Ienco, with a cover by Ryan Stegman arrives February 9 and is available for pre-order now on Comixology and your local comic shop.

Darth Vader #20 preview 1 Darth Vader #20 preview 2 Darth Vader #20 preview 3 Darth Vader #20 preview 4 Darth Vader #20 preview 5

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