Celebrate the Star Wars Galaxy’s Greatest Holiday with Life Day Treasury – Exclusive Reveal

Writers Cavan Scott and George Mann talk to StarWars.com about their new book, coming from Disney Lucasfilm Press this September.

The galaxy far, far away meets wintery tales of holiday cheer? That might sound like a stretch, but it’s a no-brainer according to Star Wars author Cavan Scott.

“Winter festivals are all about hope in the darkest times, about being surrounded by family and friends,” says Scott. “What is more Star Wars than that?”

He has a point, and he’ll soon prove it — alongside co-author George Mann — with Life Day Treasury: Holiday Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away, coming September 7 from Disney Lucasfilm Press. Revealed here exclusively on StarWars.com, Life Day Treasury will be a collection of eight stories centered around the Star Wars galaxy’s favorite holiday, Life Day, as well as other holidays and winter festivals, featuring stunning paintings by Grant Griffin. The tales promise to span different eras while bringing themes of hope, family, kindness, and love. Life Day Treasury began with an idea that Scott had for Star Wars holiday stories, which ended up resulting in a reunion and a collaboration.

“When I made the original pitch for the book, [Lucasfilm Publishing creative director] Mike Siglain suggested that we bring George on board as he had already produced two wonderful books of Star Wars folklore, Myths and Fables and Dark Legends. Teaming up made total sense, especially as George and I have a long history of working together,” he says. “Who wouldn’t want to make up Christmas stories with one of their best mates? Of course, our friendship was severely tested when I insisted on playing ‘Christmas In the Stars,’ the galaxy’s greatest festive album, on loop during our work sessions.”

Life Day Treasury is an idea that Cav had been talking about for some time, and I’d always thought it would make a brilliant book,” adds Mann. “We both love Christmas tales, from spooky fireside ghost stories to heart-warming winter fables, and it seemed such a good fit with Star Wars.” And as Mann had crafted Myths and Fables and Dark Legends with artist Grant Griffin, he was brought along for the ride, as well.

“Grant did such an amazing job illustrating Myths and Fables and Dark Legends, that there could only be one choice when it came to the artist for this book,” Mann says. “He’s a true inspiration, and he knows how to bring the mythic side of the Star Wars galaxy to life.”

Life Day Treasury - Jedi Master Stellan artwork

One tale dials back the clock to the High Republic era — centuries prior to the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and during the height of the Jedi Order — as can be seen in the above art depicting a Jedi in a snow-kissed city.

“Cavan has been involved with the High Republic project since the very start, so it seemed like an obvious choice to set one of our stories during that time, and it was fantastic to be able to get involved with this exciting new era and to tell a story about Jedi Master Stellan ‘on patrol’ during Coruscant’s winter festivities,” Mann says. “It’s inspired by that classic ‘Christmas in the city’ sub-genre, which shows a different side to the pomp and circumstance of the High Republic.”

And there’s one tale guaranteed to melt hearts that can be summed up in three words.

Life Day Treasury - ewok artwork

“I think the first line in my original pitch for the book was ‘Ewoks in snow,’” Scott says. “Anyone who talks to me about Star Wars knows my love of the furry little warriors and this seemed too good an opportunity to miss. Both George and I are huge fans of winter folklore and through stories like this we wanted to explore the customs and beliefs that had developed on a number of worlds in the galaxy, including, of course, the forest moon of Endor.”

So when the holiday season comes and it’s beginning to look a lot like Hoth, grab a blanket (preferably one that’s Star Wars-branded) and enjoy a new kind of Star Wars book.

“The Star Wars galaxy is so rich and deep that you can tell almost any sort of story within it, and festive winter tales are no exception,” says Mann. “These are the perfect stories to curl up with before the fire, sipping a hot blue milk.”

Life Day Treasury: Holiday Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away arrives September 7 and is available for pre-order now.

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