Aphra Captured in Doctor Aphra #39! – Exclusive

The archaeologist runs into a face from the past -- and it could mean her end!

She’s survived Darth Vader and murder droids. But Aphra may finally be out of luck.

Doctor Aphra #38, coming November 27 from writer Simon Spurrier and artist Caspar Wijngaard, continues the “Destination: Hoth” storyline and finds the charmingly shady, titular archaeologist captured by rebel captain — and ex-girlfriend — Magna Tolvan. Get a first look at the issue below!Doctor Aphra #39 Doctor Aphra #39 crawl Doctor Aphra #39 page 1 Doctor Aphra #39 page 2 Doctor Aphra #39 page 3 Doctor Aphra #39 page 4

See Doctor Aphra #39 and more on this week’s installment of The Star Wars Show below!

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