Mud Hole? Slimy? A Star Wars Halloween Mood Table This Is!

Looking for a different kind of Halloween decoration this year? Found one, you have!

Dagobah might be a strange place to find a Jedi Master — according to Luke Skywalker, anyway — but it’s the perfect inspiration for Star Wars Halloween decorations. Give trick-or-treaters and guests the creeps just like Luke with this mood table inspired by Yoda’s favorite slimy mud hole.

You might be wondering — What exactly is a Halloween mood table, anyway? Well, it’s a collection of stuff gathered in one place to celebrate the creepiest of holidays, of course! You can set a scene, make a big pile of spooky items — whatever works for you! In this case, we’re going to the Dagobah system.

So put your Star Wars toy collection to use, pick up some Halloween items from a galaxy far, far away, and even craft a pumpkin to bring Dagobah to life in your house.

The swamp on Dagobah from The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars Halloween mood table set on Dagobah.

What You’ll Need*

  • Green “creepy fabric”
  • Black tablecloth (optional)
  • Two flat moss mats
  • Halloween floral “trees” or sticks
  • Floral foam bricks
  • Preserved Spanish moss
  • White spider web
  • Small toy snakes, bugs, and bats
  • White glow sticks
  • Are You Scared, Darth Vader?
  • Star Wars Science Xcavations Creature Crates
  • Star Wars toys: Yoda, R2-D2, an X-wing, anything found on Dagobah!
  • Star Wars Halloween candy and accessories, like a Darth Vader helmet candy bowl

Yoda’s House

  • Small craft pumpkin
  • Tan, dark brown, and dark green acrylic paint
  • Sponge paint brush
  • Paper towel
  • Brown air-dry clay
  • Pumpkin knife
  • Flameless battery-powered candle

*The activities in this article should only be done with adult supervision.

Get Started!

Step 1: Place the black tablecloth on the table if you wish to keep the moss and dirt off it, and then place the green creepy fabric on top. Set the two (or more) moss mats in the center of the table.

Pumpkin painting for a Star Wars Halloween mood table set on Dagobah.

Step 2: Use the sponge paint brush to completely cover the craft pumpkin in tan paint. (It should have a slightly textured look.) Let dry completely, then paint spots of the pumpkin with dark brown paint, and wipe away with the paper towel. Finally, gently paint the dark green moss color on the pumpkin for more texture and age. Let dry.

Step 3: Carve a medium circle in the front of the pumpkin for the door, and a very small circle on the top for a window.

Step 4: Twist the brown air-dry modeling clay into vines. Lay them across Yoda’s house, and let dry.

Moss and stretched cotton to create mist for a Star Wars Halloween mood table on Dagobah.

Step 5: While the house is drying, gently stretch out and place the white spider webbing across the moss mats to mimic Dagobah’s fog.

Making trees for a Star Wars Halloween mood table set on Dagobah.

Step 6: Next, place the foam bricks in the back of the table. Poke the sticks or Halloween floral decorations into the bricks to make the menacing trees of Dagobah, and then cover the bricks with the preserved moss and/or Spanish moss. If you have small bat toys, you can hang them from the branches, along with more moss.

Star Wars Halloween mood table set on Dagobah.

Step 7: Place Yoda’s house on one end of the display and decorate it with moss. Place the battery-powered candle inside, and a Yoda toy next to it outside.

Star Wars Halloween mood table set on Dagobah.

Step 8: On the other end of the display, place a Star Wars themed candy bowl like Darth Vader’s helmet, and fill it with candy.

Star Wars Halloween mood table set on Dagobah.

Step 9: In the center of the table, place your largest Star Wars decorations, like Are You Scared Darth Vader? and the X-wing toy or model. If you have an X-wing, cover it with pieces of moss to make it look like Yoda just lifted it out of the swamp.

Step 10: Add more plastic bugs and creepy-crawlies, the R2-D2 toy, and the skulls from the Star Wars Science Creature Crates. You can also slide white glow sticks underneath the fog for even more spookiness after the sun goes down. Your table is complete!

Star Wars Halloween mood table set on Dagobah.

After putting together this Halloween craft, you’ll find Dagobah as cozy as Yoda does. Happy Halloween!

Special thanks to Matt at for the inspiration.

Kelly Knox is a freelance writer who loves creating Star Wars crafts with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter at @kelly_knox.

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