Comic Book Galaxy: The Surprising Rogue One Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Poe Dameron #8 and More examines how Poe Dameron #8 brings together different Star Wars eras -- including a new film hitting theaters this week.

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This week we reminisce on the premiere issue of Dr. Aphra and check out the newest issue of Poe Dameron with issue #9. Speaking of Mr. Dameron, in this week’s Word Balloon, we look back at Poe Dameron #8. Not only does it feature some Rogue One Easter eggs, but it also includes some really important background regarding the history of Agent Terrex.

Doctor Aphra #1 cover

The Week That Was

 Dr. Aphra #1

  • The eagerly anticipated Aphra premiered last week, and it was every bit as captivating as we had hoped! Kieron Gillen returns to the character he created in Darth Vader, and shows us what Aphra is up to now that she no longer has to worry about being in Vader’s sights. She’s got her own version of the Fantastic Four in tow, with Triple-Zero, Beetee, and Black Krrsantan joining her as she attempts to sell one of her recent <ahem> acquisitions.
  • Aphra discovers that the validity of her doctorate is in question (for more on that, be sure to check out the backup feature in the issue), and has to come up with an alternate plan to get out of debt. She needs to move fast, especially since Soo-That (accompanied by two Gigorans) are ready to collect.
  • In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Triple-Zero shows that he actually has something of a heart (albeit a corrupt one). Unbeknownst to Aphra, Triple-Zero has a conversation of his own with Soo-That that leaves little doubt as to the sinister droid’s loyalty. How long that allegiance will last is anybody’s guess, but it’s certainly going to be fun in the meantime.

Top of the Stack: What’s Out This Week


Poe Dameron #9

Poe Dameron #8 was a really big deal for comic book fans. We received backstory on Agent Terex, the First Order agent, ever the proverbial thorn in Poe Dameron’s side. Terex has more history than readers originally thought, and issue #9 peels back the curtain even more on this conniving antagonist. In addition to the threat of Terex, Poe has a traitor amongst the ranks of Black Squadron to deal with, and he will have to find out who the conspirator is before more damage is done. Not only does he have to do so incognito, but he also has to be sure to keep his personal feelings aside. His Squadron members are like family, and since nothing stings like betrayal, Poe has more to lose than a member of the Resistance.

Word Balloon: Connecting the Dots-How Poe Dameron #8 Binds the Galaxy Together


Agent Terex has been something of an enigma ever since his appearance in Poe Dameron #2. It has always been clear that he is not a nice man, but what has not been readily apparent is how he got to this point in the Star Wars galaxy. Issue #8 excels in two distinct ways: it fleshes out Terex, and connects so many different stories of the Star Wars galaxy into one dynamic issue. Here are a few moments from Poe Dameron #8 that make this happen.

Lost Stars

In a pivotal moment in issue #8, the scene shifts to the battle of Jakku. We are witness to the crash of a Star Destroyer (presumably the Inflictor from Claudia Gray’s novel, Lost Stars). There are three stormtroopers who watch the demise of the mighty craft, and one of them is revealed to be a young Terex! He is known as TK-603 and, much like the hero of Lost Stars, Captain Ciene Ree, Terex has a difficult time letting go of the Imperial uniform and ideology. Something much more than a Star Destroyer has ended here. It’s a new beginning for everyone, and Terex has to reexamine his philosophy at the crash site of the Inflictor.

Terex’s Star Wars Collection

One of the more attention-grabbing pages of Poe Dameron # 8 is toward the end of the comic. Agent Terex goes into a private room, where his collection of Imperial memorabilia is on display. There are helmets (more on that later), weapons, and an image of the Death Star on the wall. This is not the first time we’ve seen a collection of Imperial paraphernalia, either. In Gray’s most recent novel, Bloodline, Ransolm Casterfo, the Populist senator of Riosa has a similar collection from the Galactic Civil War. Casterfo does not hold the Empire in the same regard that Terex does, but the juxtaposition between the two characters collecting memorabilia is cool, and may remind fans of their Star Wars collections, too. Paging Steve Sansweet.


Rogue One

In addition, there are two new helmets in Terex’s private chambers that will make their big screen debut in Rogue One. The helmets are the black death trooper bucket, as well as the white Scarif shore trooper helmet. (And are those the Death Star plans?) It’s exciting to see how threads throughout the Star Wars galaxy are working in conjunction to create a detailed canvas that makes Star Wars such a diverse, authentic mythology.

Enjoy this week’s Star Wars comics, as you prepare to see Rogue One!

Dan Zehr is a high school English teacher with an MS in Teaching and Learning, and runs Coffee With Kenobi (with co-host Cory Clubb), a Star Wars Podcast that analyzes the saga through critical thinking, analysis, interviews, and discussion. He is also the Rebel teacher in the Target Rogue One commercial, and is an avid comic book consumer and longtime reader of the medium.