Clone Wars Declassified: 5 Highlights from “The Bad Batch”

The animated series’ final season begins on Disney+ with an action-packed mystery.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back for its final season on Disney+! In Clone Wars Declassified, looks at each episode’s biggest moments and surprises. Fall in, soldier.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has finally returned, with the battle-droid-blasting, clone-tastic “The Bad Batch” (available to stream now on Disney+) kicking off its final season in grand fashion. The episode finds fan favorites Rex and Cody teaming up with the Bad Batch — a squad of elite and very cool clones — to infiltrate a Separatist cyber center. Their mission: find out if, and how, the Separatists are using Rex’s own strategy algorithm against the Republic. In all, “The Bad Batch” is an action-packed gem and lets the world know, loud and clear, that The Clone Wars is back. Here are five highlights.

Fort Anaxes

1. Hello there!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had new installments of The Clone Wars, and just sitting down to watch this episode and return to the world of the series was thrilling. With the classic narrated opening and the gorgeous opening shot of Fort Anaxes — as the camera swoops through the hangar to meet our heroes (good to see you again, Mace, Anakin, Rex, and Cody!) — we’re reminded of how much we missed The Clone Wars. And it’s good to have it back.

The Bad Batch

2. Meet the Bad Batch.

When these guys show up, you know they mean business — and that they’re going to be a lot of fun. Consisting of team lead and tracker Hunter, the hulking Wrecker, stats-minded Tech, and the sharpshooter Crosshair, this elite squad of clones look like they stepped out of an ‘80s action movie, and are wholly unique and badass. But just wait until you see them in action…

The Bad Batch versus droids

3. “We prefer going to them.”

After crash-landing, a battalion of battle droids charge the clones. Rex suggests they take cover, but that’s not how the Bad Batch does things. Instead, they take the fight to the clankers, and the four clones run head-first into battle. We get to see their unique skill sets, from Crosshair’s sharpshooting to Wrecker’s, well, wrecking, as they wipe out the entire group. Even Rex is impressed. And just like that, we might have four new favorite clones.

Clones at campsite

4. Clone versus clone.

The Bad Batch do their own thing, and that includes challenging authority. After the clones set up camp, Rex announces that he has a plan to break into the cyber center. “If your plans are so good,” Crosshair says, “why did Commander Cody have to call us in?” Tensions quickly flare between the regular clones (or the “regs,” as the Bad Batch calls them) and the Bad Batch, and only Hunter can bring an end to the quarrel. The lesson: friend or foe, don’t cross the Bad Batch.

 Tech uncovers signal coming from Skako Minor

5. The mystery deepens.

After they finally reach the cyber center, Tech uncovers a live signal coming from another planet called Skako Minor. “CT-1409,” a voice drones over and over. It stops Rex in his tracks; the voice belongs to Echo, his once-thought fallen comrade. It’s a chilling moment for the noble clone, but also for viewers — and ends the episode on a killer cliffhanger.

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