Cad Bane Cupcakes

The legendary bounty hunter takes on a new job -- dessert!

Cad Bane is the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. During the Clone Wars, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for credits, and his distinct voice and wide brimmed hat made his very presence a threat. To sweeten up this ruthless galactic gunslinger, you’ll need Durosian-colored skin made of blue frosting and licorice breathing tubes. Eat this cupcake quickly, as he can engage his rocket boots at any moment and it’ll be too late for dessert.

Cad Bane Cupcake Recipe

Cad Bane Cakes (makes 12 cupcakes)

You’ll need 12 cupcakes baked and cooled; blue frosting; black icing; red icing; black licorice


1. Onto the cooled cupcake, pipe a T-shape using the blue frosting.

2. Use the black frosting to add his hat, breathing tube connections, mouth, and face lines.

3. Pipe red icing to add two eyes.

4. Finally, cut down two pieces of black licorice to replicate Cad Bane’s breathing tubes.

5. Once the icing has set, the cupcakes are ready to serve.

licorice for Cad Bane Cupcakes

Cad Bane piping

Cad Bane Cupcake

And there you have it — one of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunters in cupcake form.

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