9 Essential Cad Bane Episodes of The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch to Watch on Disney+

He’ll take on any job for the right price.

The bounty hunter flicks his toothpick to the ground as his other hand strays to the blaster to his side. Red eyes glare under a wide-brimmed hat, showing no uncertainty or hesitation. If Cad Bane has you in his sights, you’re about to be in a galaxy of trouble.

“We knew that this guy was going to be a very intense fighter, a very intense gunslinger, a very serious threat,” said Dave Filoni in 2009. “Cad Bane works for the highest bidder. I think he enjoys what he does.”

If you enjoyed Bane’s intimidating presence and blaster-slinging in The Book of Boba Fett, here are 9 essential episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Bad Batch (in chronological order) featuring the mercenary in action, all streaming now on Disney+.

Cad Bane in The Clone Wars, “Holocron Heist”

1. The Clone Wars, “Holocron Heist” (Season 2, Episode 1| Stream on Disney+)

The Duros bounty hunter made a big impression in “Holocron Heist” as the second season of the series kicked off. The three-part story, which takes place during the events of the first season, starts with Darth Sidious paying Bane to steal a holocron from the Jedi Temple. Bane has a plan – he always does – but Jedi aren’t easily fooled. This is Cad Bane at his most cool and collected.

Cad Bane in The Clone Wars, “Cargo of Doom”

2. The Clone Wars, “Cargo of Doom” (Season 2, Episode 2Stream on Disney+)

The chase is on! In “Cargo of Doom,” Bane kidnaps Jedi Master Bolla Ropal to activate the holocron he stole from the temple. Anakin Skywalker is commanding the ship in pursuit. As usual, Anakin has an unorthodox idea to board Bane’s ship, but the bounty hunter is undeterred. The two clash for the first time in this action-packed episode. (Don’t miss the zero-g battle in this one!)

Cad Bane talking to cloaked figure in The Clone Wars, “Children of the Force”

3. The Clone Wars, “Children of the Force” (Season 2, Episode 3Stream on Disney+)

After coercing Anakin to unlock the holocron, Bane makes a daring escape in “Children of the Force.” The holocron reveals the locations of Force sensitive children across the galaxy. As the heartless bounty hunter sets out to abduct them, the Jedi use the Force to intercept him. The strong-willed Bane faces not one but three Jedi in an unforgettable scene.

Cad Bane in The Clone Wars, “Evil Plans”

4. The Clone Wars, “Evil Plans” (Season 3, Episode 8Stream on Disney+)

In “Evil Plans,” C-3PO and R2-D2 are on a shopping trip on Coruscant when they’re targeted by Cad Bane. Bane needs the plans to the Senate building for his next job, and he knows the droid duo work with Senator Amidala. When the captured Threepio proves to be unhelpful, Bane apprehends Artoo and finds the information he needs. This episode shows a glimpse of a rare smile from the bounty hunter — or as close as he gets to one, anyway.

Cad Bane in The Clone Wars, “Hostage Crisis”

5. The Clone Wars, “Hostage Crisis” (Season 1, Episode 22 | Stream on Disney+)

With the Senate plans in hand, Cad Bane recruits an expert team that’s as merciless as he is. He’s been hired to retrieve Ziro the Hutt from his Republic prison. The mercenary moves with ruthless precision and once again proves that he’s someone who will do whatever it takes to get the job done. “Hostage Crisis,” which originally aired at the end of the first season of The Clone Wars, marks Bane’s first appearance in the galaxy far, far away.

Cad Bane in The Clone Wars, “Hunt for Ziro”

6. The Clone Wars, “Hunt for Ziro” (Season 3, Episode 9Stream on Disney+)

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos are dispatched to find Ziro the Hutt, who is hiding incriminating evidence on the Hutt cartel. When Ziro escapes the Hutt cartel’s clutches, both the Jedi and Cad Bane pursue him across the galaxy. Kenobi, Vos, and Bane face off in one incredible confrontation. If you want to see Bane wield a lightsaber, “Hunt for Ziro” is a must-see.

Cad Bane in The Clone Wars, “Crisis on Naboo”

7. The Clone Wars, “Crisis on Naboo” (Season 4, Episode 18Stream on Disney+)

Cad Bane’s next big job is an assassination attempt on Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Obi-Wan Kenobi fakes his own death and disguises himself as an assassin to go undercover and stop the plot. The four-part story culminates in “Crisis on Naboo.” Not only do Kenobi and Bane get a rematch, but the episode ends with an electrifying lightsaber duel, as well.

Cad Bane in The Bad Batch, “Reunion”

8. The Bad Batch, “Reunion” (Season 1, Episode 8 | Stream on Disney+)

Even after the fall of the Republic, Cad Bane is the mercenary you hire when you need a job done with no questions asked. When Crosshair tracks the Bad Batch on Bracca in “Reunion,” Bane makes his own move. He’s been tasked with retrieving Omega. As Bane comes face to face with Hunter and the young clone, he brags, “I’ve taken down so many clones over the years.” Love Bane’s standoffs with some of the toughest fighters in the galaxy? You have to see this one.

Cad Bane in The Bad Batch, “Bounty Lost”

9. The Bad Batch, “Bounty Lost” (Season 1, Episode 9 | Stream on Disney+)

It’s Todo 360’s time to shine! Okay, not really, but Bane’s ever-loyal droid partner gets a little time in the spotlight in “Bounty Lost.” Omega uses him to escape when Bane’s ship arrives at the rendezvous point. Bane is supposed to return Omega to the Kaminoans who hired him, but someone else has another idea: Fennec Shand. Shand vs. Bane is the incredible showdown you’ve been waiting for! Don’t miss the action-packed conclusion of this vital, two-part story in The Bad Batch.

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