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Discover behind-the-scenes secrets about the Colossus command bridge, the First Order barracks room, and more!

The second season of Star Wars Resistance is here! In Season Two, pilot Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono and his friends aboard the Colossus search for the Resistance base, but the First Order is in close pursuit. Visit StarWars.com following each episode for “Bucket’s List Extra,” an expansion of our weekly fun-facts video series Bucket’s List, often featuring never-before-seen concept art and stills from the show. In this installment, we look at “Into the Unknown.”

Bucket’s List Extra — “Into The Unknown”

Bucket and CB watching hyperspace tunnel

1. Change of scenery.

In the earliest outlines, this episode originally began in the marketplace, with Kaz weathering all sorts of complaints from concerned citizens who blamed him for the platform’s current predicament. Later drafts started with Bucket and CB watching the hyperspace tunnel. It wasn’t until the final edit that the First Order introductory scene — originally slated for later in the episode — was moved to the start.

Colossus command bridgeColossus command bridge

2. Welcome to the command bridge!

In “Into the Unknown,” we get our first look at the command bridge of the Colossus. According to series art director Amy Beth Christenson, the bridge has not been in use since the last time the massive craft was in space — 20 years prior to the events of the show. “To help make it more realistic that there was a command crew, we decided to make them all droids,” Christenson tells StarWars.com. “Not only that, but each of the command droids answer to 4D, and are the same make/model as her, just more basic and pared down.”  It seemed more reasonable that the droids could have been powered down along with the bridge, rather than have human or alien officers.  

Captain Doza and Yeager on Command Bridge

3. Almost there…

The Colossus ends up within three parsecs of D’Qar, which is still close to 10 light years, requiring one last off-camera jump closer to the system.

Doza on command bridge

4. Aurebesh on the command bridge.

The bright yellow alert text on Doza’s hologram of the station is warning him of a “Diagnostics Error.”

Resistance Into the Unknown: Kaz and OpeepitResistance Into the Unknown: Kaz and Opeepit

5. Free floatin’.

An early version of the episode had a free-floating Kaz bump into Bolza, who was trying to collect a bunch of wayward gorgs. In the final episode, it’s Opeepit that Kaz knocks in mid-air.

Kaz in engineering room

6. Accurate readings.

The display screens in the engineering section warn — quite appropriately — of “DANGER: LOW GRAVITY.”

Star Wars Resistance: MB-13

7. What’s in a name?

The First Order droid MB-13 returns in “Into the Unknown,” and Christenson reveals the inspiration behind its name to StarWars.com: “MB” stands for “Murder Ball,” a phrase the show’s creators used to jokingly refer to the droid that stuck.

First Order barracks

8. There’s something familiar about this place.

The First Order barracks are based on a similar layout seen in Star Wars Rebels, but also feature details and tech from Kylo Ren’s quarters in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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