Bounty Hunting Highlights: 5 of Our Favorite Moments from The Mandalorian – “Chapter 12: The Siege”

His ship still in need of repair, the Mandalorian checks in with some old friends. But this is no relaxing reunion.

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Spoiler alert: This article contains plot details from The Mandalorian “Chapter 12: The Siege.”

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Even among friends, there’s no rest for Mando and the Child. With the Razor Crest still in bad shape, Din Djarin and his young charge head to Nevarro hoping to repair their ship. There, the duo connects with Greef Karga and Cara Dune, who need Mando’s help in ridding their planet of Imperial remnants once and for all. “Chapter 12: The Siege” (directed by Greef himself, Carl Weathers!) has moments funny, warm, and ominous, along with a pulsating heist-movie vibe and some killer action set pieces. Here are our favorite moments.

The Mandalorian in the Razor Crest

1. “Show me the red wire…”

As a last-ditch attempt to repair the Razor Crest, Mando sends the Child into a narrow space to fix some wiring. The tiny being seems to understand Din’s guidance…and then doesn’t. It’s all very funny, and as Mando gets more and more frustrated, any parent of a toddler can relate.

2. Reunited and it feels so good.

After all they went through in Season 1, it’s genuinely heartwarming to see Mando, Cara, and Greef together again — and a reminder that friendship lies at the heart of Star Wars.

The Child in school

3. The Child goes to school.

Sure, there’s already a moment featuring the Child on this list. But seeing the little guy sit in a classroom, head peeking out above his desk, and being mischievous? We can’t resist cuteness of that magnitude.

4. The escape.

When things don’t go quite as planned in Star Wars — meaning Imperial remnants are looking to destroy you — you improvise. Cara, Greef, and their Mythrol companion get creative, while Mando makes good use of a newly-repaired Razor Crest. Watching this all-star team take out stormtroopers will never get old.

Moff Gideon

5. Moff Gideon’s reveal.

While our heroes destroyed the Imperial outpost, Moff Gideon is still out there. And by the looks of it, he has something special planned…

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