Battle the Empire (and Solve Awesome Mazes) with’s Star Wars Rebels Activity Book

Star Wars Rebels has the week off, but younglings can continue the fight with puzzles, drawing challenges, and more!

This season of Star Wars Rebels has been a doozy: Ahsoka takes on the Inquisitors, Sabine wins a Mandalorian showdown, Ezra learns the fate of his parents, Zeb and Agent Kallus join forces, and so much more. Plus, the season isn’t even over yet!

Since there’s no new episode of Star Wars Rebels this week, has something special to fill the void for younglings throughout the galaxy: an exclusive, downloadable activity book. Just go here, print, and you’ll be counting bucketheads, drawing Sabine, and testing your Jedi word search powers in no time. Get a first look at some of the rebellious activities below!

So what are you waiting for? Join the fight for freedom…and try some fun activities while you’re at it. All Star Wars, all the time.