Ashley Eckstein Reveals New Her Universe Star Wars Fashions Coming to shopDisney and Disney Store

Get a first look a new items including Kylo Ren and porg sweaters, and much more.

Ashley Eckstein founded Her Universe in 2009, and eight years later, the fashion forward company is still growing. Sure, Eckstein is known to Star Wars fans as the voice of Ahsoka Tano, but she’s also known as the person behind the company responsible for filling fandom’s closets and wardrobes with stylish apparel and accessories. And as of this week, Her Universe merchandise is available from new retailers: and the Disney Store.

Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano, models a Rebel-inspired top from the Her Universe fashion line.

Though Her Universe products have been established in Disney Parks for a while now, this collaboration expands their reach. Eckstein tells she couldn’t be more excited. “When Disney asked if Her Universe would be a brand for shopDisney and if they could have a Her Universe shop on their site, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” she says. “They were asking me if I was interested, and to me, it was such a dream come true. I’ve been shopping at the Disney Store and on shopDisney for years. It’s been my go to for all of my favorite Disney stuff.”

Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano, wears a Porg sweater from the Her Universe fashion line.

Exclusive reveal: Her Universe’s porgtastic new sweater.

Her Universe’s Disney Parks collection will be available through the shopDisney and Disney Store, including Marvel and Star Wars designs, as well as their Dress Shop fashion. is excited to reveal many of these new looks. Fans will find products representing an assortment of different Star Wars eras, with several The Last Jedi pieces. Eckstein enthuses, “We do have the porg fashion; we have the porg sweater and cardigan. I know how much I’m obsessed with porgs, so this is definitely a destination for porg fashion.”

Being a destination for porg fashion would be enough as far as many fans are concerned, but that isn’t all. Her Universe’s new collaboration with Disney means an opportunity to craft exclusive designs for fans of shopDisney and the Disney Store. Eckstein calls out two exclusive knit sweaters in particular. “We have a stormtrooper sweater and a Kylo Ren sweater, and they are very subtle,” Eckstein explains. “The stormtrooper one, you’re going to know it’s a stormtrooper sweater, but it’s just mostly color blocking done in just such a beautiful way.”

Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano, wears a Kylo Ren-inspired top from her fashion line, Her Universe.

Exclusive reveal (above and below): Her Universe shows you the dark side with this Kylo Ren sweater.

Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano, models the back of her Kylo Ren-inspired Her Universe sweater.

And that Kylo Ren sweater? It’s Eckstein’s favorite. “Only Star Wars fans will recognize this one. When you wear it out in public, people are going to think it’s just this amazing black sweater,” she gushes. “The design mimics his sleeves and then the front of the sweater has flecks of chrome. It’s so comfortable. It’s one of those things where I’m just like, ‘Okay. This turned out even better than what I imagined and now I want to live in it.'”

Eckstein admits that she’s not the biggest fan of Kylo (but in a good way). “I’m actually kind of anti-Kylo Ren. I know some Star Wars fans will not be happy to hear me say that, but Adam Driver does such a good job with Kylo Ren that he makes me dislike him. But I love this sweater, so I will support Kylo when I wear this sweater.” (See more new dark side items in the gallery below.)

Coming up with the products for shopDisney and Disney Store has been a collaborative process. Eckstein tells us Her Universe works with the buyers to determine which pieces should be offered and what exclusives could look like. But the thing Eckstein loves about partnering with Disney is how they put design first. She shares, “Working with Disney reminds me there’s still an essence of Walt Disney in that the design always comes first. They want you to design the best design possible, and then they’ll work on the price point based upon the quality of that item. So, from a design standpoint, it really gives you the freedom to say, ‘This is the best product. This is the best design.’ And you’re not limited by having to meet a certain price. I feel like that’s what Walt Disney would’ve wanted.”

Her Universe merchandise is available on as of today, December 4, and will be in Disney Stores across the United States on December 15. To celebrate Her Universe’s presence on and in Disney Stores, Eckstein will be appearing at the Westfield Century City mall Disney Store in Los Angeles on Friday, December 15, from 6-8 p.m. They’ll be saving some of the Her Universe 2017 Star Wars holiday pins for the first 50 customers who purchase any Her Universe item.

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