5 Highlights from Star Wars Forces of Destiny: “Accidental Allies”

Jyn Erso, meet Sabine Wren.

When we saw the preview trailer for the second set of Forces of Destiny animated shorts, we did not expect Sabine and Jyn’s first meeting to go anything like this. Sabine is a rebel on a mission carrying a (probably stolen) map when it falls — literally — into Jyn Erso’s hands. But our favorite reluctant rebel is still a loner at this point, so even though the information looks important, and soon attracts the unwanted attention of a couple of stormtroopers, she hasn’t exactly signed up to fight for the rebel cause just yet. It’s a tense encounter, but a moment that reminds us the importance of empathy and authenticity.

Here are five highlights from the short, “Accidental Allies” — which you can watch below!

1. Well, this is another fine mess!

Karabast! No wonder most rebels hide their precious maps and intel inside trusty astromechs. Handheld devices are no match for darting across rooftops in some kind of galactic form of parkour.

Jyn Erso fights off a stormtrooper with a flying kick to the face in Star Wars Forces of Destiny.

2. Suspect is not considered dangerous.

I mean, sure, unless you consider getting a flying kick to the face a good time that poses no risks whatsoever! But don’t underestimate Jyn Erso.

Sabine in her Mandalorian armor, stands on an overlook surveying the city below in Star Wars Forces of Destiny.

3. Taking a closer look. 

Sometimes we forget just how many cool gadgets Sabine has tucked away on her Mandalorian armor. Case in point: that stalk on the side of her helmet is more than just a decoration. On the end, a handy target rangefinder helps her get a closer look at a safe distance.

Two stormtroopers on a search in Star Wars Forces of Destiny.

4. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Jyn’s cornered and the stormtroopers she left flat on their backs have reinforcements on the way. Good thing Sabine isn’t waiting around to find out if she’s friend or foe. She just needs to keep those bucket heads from getting their mitts on her map!

Jyn Erso meets Sabine Wren in Star Wars Forces of Destiny.

5. Found someone, you have!

Equally matched in stubbornness and distrust, our two heroes aren’t exactly best pals upon first meeting. Experience has taught them both to be cautious, and they remain at odds until Sabine reaches Jyn with something stronger than brute force — empathy and honesty.

What were your highlights from “Accidental Allies”? Let us know in the comments below!

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