12 Highlights from the Star Wars Resistance Season Two Trailer

Kylo Ren makes his chilling debut and more of our favorite moments from the new trailer!

Wherever they’re going, at least they’re all together. Well, most of them.

Last time we saw Kaz and the gang from Star Wars Resistance, they were escaping from Castilon aboard the Colossus, leaving Tam behind with the First Order operatives. Star Wars Resistance Season Two will bring us to the brink of the very destruction of the Resistance as entire planets give in to the might of the First Order. But we’re hoping the movement still has everything it needs to fight.

While we wait for the premiere of the final season of Star Wars Resistance, on Sunday, October 6, (10 p.m. EDT/PDT) on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW, we’re watching and rewatching the thrilling new trailer that debuted yesterday. Here are some of our favorite moments and highlights from the wild ride ahead for the Colossus and her crew, including Kazuda Xiono, Neeku Vozo, Jarek Yeager, and the Aces!

Bucket in hyperspace.

1. Bucket back among the stars.

Jarek Yeager’s loyal astromech may be addled by outdated programming and a skeletal frame, but after spending last season docked on Castilon helping to fix the Fireball, the brave little droid is off on a new adventure. And judging by the reflection in his lens as he stares into the great beyond alongside CB-23, he’s ready.

2. And the Colossus in hyperspace!

Last season, we were surprised to learn that the fueling platform had so much more to it than meets the eye. It’s an exciting time for the denizens to explore the galaxy outside of their watery home, but it’s not without its challenges. The station will need repairs on the fly and provisions to keep those aboard — and the ship itself — going.

Torra Doza explores a snowy planet.

3. New planets to explore…

Purple outcroppings protruding through glistening seas, Torra Doza scouting snow-capped terrain, and an arid jungle filled with old tech and ancient architecture will welcome our explorers.

The Gozzos.

4. Which means new creatures and aliens, too!

We’ll also meet a trio of long-limbed Gozzos in hard hats, what appears to be a flying sea creature friendly enough to allow riders, and a rather regal species of alien.

Kragan Gorr.

5. Kragan Gorr and his pirate gang.

The nefarious pilot and his crew offered a last-minute assist to the Colossus during the Season One finale, a change of heart thanks to Synara San. Now they’re back, and who knows what side they’re on this time.

Tam Ryvora joins the First Order.

6. Tam the TIE pilot.

Tam was understandably furious with her friends when their web of lies was exposed and we saw her take Agent Tierny’s hand and leave everything she’d known behind. She dreamed of flying with the Aces, but now instead she’s reached the ranks of the First Order’s TIE pilots.

7. Agent Tierny, Captain Phasma, and Commander Pyre.

Last season, we watched in horror as Starkiller Base decimated Hosnian Prime. Continuing to follow the timeline of the sequel trilogy, the new season picks up at a time when the Resistance is faltering, and the First Order’s finest aim to see to the movement’s destruction personally.

A new stormtrooper.

8. A menacing new stormtrooper.

A glimpse at a new design suggests last season’s SCUBA troopers weren’t the only specially equipped forces we’ll find in the series.

9. An epic space battle.

Star Destroyers! X-wings! TIE fighters! And more ships and vehicles than we could count. They’re everywhere!

10. Bounty hunters and other scum.

We caught a glimpse at a Guavian Death Gang soldier and other familiar pirates and scoundrels, including an all-new member of the Hutt crime family who seems awfully fond of Hype Fazon.

11. Kaz with the tripping and the falling.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Kaz may have just served as a spy for the Resistance and helped the Colossus break free from its water-logged state, but he still struggles with multitasking (like walking backwards and not crashing into things).

Kylo Ren in Star Wars Resistance.

12. Enter Supreme Leader Kylo Ren.

Is there anything more terrifying than Kylo Ren’s use of the Force to bring the formidable Agent Tierny to her knees?

Check out the full Star Wars Resistance Season Two trailer below!

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