10 Great Quotes from Star Wars Forces of Destiny

Some of the best lines from Leia, Ahsoka, and more in the hit animated micro-series.

If you wanted to see Jyn Erso rescue a tooka cat or learn how Leia received her dress on Endor, then Star Wars Forces of Destiny likely left you satisfied. The animated shorts focus on previously unseen scenes happening in between the television series and films or taking place just off camera. The characters in the series are familiar, and so are the settings, but the stories are all fresh with new information to process (did you see the size of the nightwatcher worm?!), new takes, and new dialogue.

Showcasing the likes of Ahsoka, Padmé, Rey, and others in everyday moments of heroism means the opportunity for memorable lines is omnipresent in Forces of Destiny. Here are 10 great quotes from Forces of Destiny.

1. “Is she on the guest list?” — Ahsoka Tano

Padmé ran into a little uh, diplomatic trouble while preparing for a dinner in “Imposter Inside.” A Clawdite assassin infiltrated the serving staff in order to gain access to Padmé, but the imposter didn’t do all of her homework. When Padmé and Ahsoka made the assassin, Ahsoka demonstrated sarcasm at its finest by asking, “Is she on the guest list?”

2. “Turns out you’re quite the popular droid.” — Rey

Jakku is a place where you do whatever is necessary to get by. When BB-8 arrived, rolling across the sand, he caught the attention of a number of individuals and creatures less friendly than Rey. So, it fell to Rey to do her best to keep the astromech safe in “BB-8 Bandits.” She realized she might have got more than she bargained for with the droid and told him, “Turns out you’re quite the popular droid.”

It says much about her character that she continued to help even after realizing having him around was a little dangerous.

3. “I hope one day we can fight together.” — Leia Organa

When you’re part of a secretive group fighting back against an organization such as the Galactic Empire, working in the shadows is part of the deal. To take action openly is to invite unwanted notice and risks. Leia and Sabine had to work in a roundabout way in “Bounty of Trouble” and pretend to be enemies. Leia’s statement, “I hope one day we can fight together,” was all about optimism for the future of the Rebel Alliance and the galaxy.

4. “I’m just lucky, I guess. Unlike you, my little friend.” — Rey

Even if you’re struggling to survive on a dusty, hostile planet, you can still appreciate what you have. BB-8’s unfortunate run-ins after he was left on Jakku by Poe gave Rey some fresh perspective. He found himself in one treacherous position after another, and Rey teased him: “I’m just lucky, I guess. Unlike you, my little friend.”

5. “Let’s just say there were some complications.” — Ahsoka Tano

Sometimes stopping to lend assistance means derailing your schedule. Ahsoka was supposed to meet Anakin and Yoda for an important ceremony in “Padawan Path,” but she paused to act in a very Jedi way towards some Coruscant citizens. Her actions meant arriving late to her appointment, but like she told the Jedi waiting for her, “Let’s just say there were some complications.”

That line can apply to so many situations.

6. “I suggest you pick on someone your own size.” — Jyn Erso

Jyn was trying to stay out of Imperial entanglements, but her desire to remain anonymous didn’t stop her from reaching out a helping hand to a child in “The Stranger.” She distracted Imperial stormtroopers and offered a timeless bully fighting saying to them with “I suggest you pick on someone your own size.”

For the most part, stormtroopers can’t be shamed out of an action if they believe they’re enforcing Imperial law, but by taunting them, Jyn was able to temporarily remove the soldiers from the picture and help the kid.

7. “Does it come with a spear?” — Leia Organa

Leia didn’t turn her nose up at the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi or treat them any differently. She helped her new pal Wicket from their first encounter, and more of their time together on Endor was revealed in “Ewok Escape.” Since Leia saw the Ewoks in action against Imperials with their seemingly primitive weaponry, she joked about getting an accessory with her new dress: “Does it come with a spear?”

A spear should just be standard for every Ewok-made dress, to be honest.

8. “If you want the droid, you’re going to have to come and get him.” — Rey

Rey’s last name is still unknown, but she deserves to have the title of BB-8’s Ultimate Protector. Her kindness shone in “BB-8 Bandits,” as she looked out for the droid again and again. She risked her own well-being to ensure BB-8 remained safe and in one piece, and she showed it in the Arwen-esque moment when she said, “If you want the droid, you’re going to have to come and get him.”

9. “I’d hate to see all that food go to waste.” — Ahsoka Tano

After working with Padmé to take down a would-be assassin in “Imposter Inside,” Ahsoka addressed an important question by holding up a fork and commenting, “I’d hate to see all that food go to waste.”

Yeah, she was probably kidding, but it was a valid point. It’s important to recover energy after you fight for your life.

10. “You keep fighting on the inside. I’ll keep fighting on the outside.” — Sabine Wren

Before her association with the rebellion was confirmed, Leia excelled at subterfuge, helping the rebellion while also serving as politician for Alderaan. “Bounty of Trouble” displayed how Leia could play both sides and pretend to cooperate with Imperial stormtroopers while simultaneously handing over intel to the Rebel Alliance. After completing a successful mission together, Sabine told Leia, “You keep fighting on the inside. I’ll keep fighting on the outside.”

With a couple of sentences, Sabine communicated the importance of having operatives on both sides and how much everyone in  the fight risks.

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