• Glee Anselm,
  • Male,
  • Height: 1.78m ,
  • Human,



Tobias Beckett and Val disguised in Imperial uniforms on Mimban

A veteran thief, Tobias Beckett and his crew had pulled off heists all across the galaxy when they saw a chance for a big score: steal coaxium from an Imperial conveyex on Vandor. But lifting a cargo car off the tracks wouldn’t be easy. To pull it off, Beckett, Val and Rio Durant first had to steal an AT-hauler from the battlefields of Mimban.

Tobias Beckett standing with Han Solo

While casing Imperial operations on Mimban, Beckett’s crew encountered a young mudtrooper named Han Solo. Beckett took a liking to Han, and found a place for him and Chewbacca on the Vandor job. The arrival of Enfys Nest’s Cloud-Riders threw the heist into chaos, however, forcing Beckett to make amends with Crimson Dawn, the crime syndicate that had backed his scheme.

Tobias Beckett and Han Solo being scolded by Dryden Vos

Beckett, Han and Chewie met with Dawn kingpin Dryden Vos, who agreed to a proposal made by Han: the gang would steal coaxium from the Pyke Syndicate on Kessel. Success would erase Beckett’s debt to Vos – but Beckett knew there were many ways for Han’s risky plan to fail.

In a myriad of disguises, Beckett and his gang infiltrated the mining colony and managed to escape with several volatile canisters of raw coaxium and their lives.

Tobias Beckett performing modifications on the Millennium Falcon

During the Kessel Run, it was Beckett who separated one single drop of fuel and carefully added it to in the fusion reactor, enabling the Millennium Falcon to break free from the powerful pull of a gravity well. Arriving safely on Savareen, Beckett encountered his old nemesis Enfys Nest. But this time, instead of a losing battle, the masked marauder revealed her true identity and tried to reason with the grizzled gunslinger.

Tobias Beckett entering into a standoff with Han Solo

Han was swayed by the marauder’s tale, but living up to his warnings to trust no one, Beckett betrayed his young partner to maintain his allegiance to Dryden Vos. Ultimately, Beckett was loyal only to himself, and he was soon gunned down by his former protégé in the sand dunes of the impoverished planet while trying to take the coaxium supply for his own gain.