• Female,
  • Height: 1.57m ,
  • Human,



Val and Beckett disguised in Imperial uniforms on Mimban

An explosives expert with a mysterious past, Val knew the perils of trusting outsiders and taking unnecessary risks. On Mimban, a young mudtrooper named Han Solo realized Val, Rio Durant and Tobias Beckett weren’t Imperials but ship thieves. Val, all too aware that Beckett had a sentimental streak, noted coolly that the gang now had to kill Han. 

Val, Beckett, and Han Solo on Vandor

Instead, Beckett allowed Han and Chewbacca to join them in stealing coaxium from an Imperial conveyex on Vandor. Val’s job – which demanded all her skill as a saboteur -- was to blow a bridge along the conveyex track while the others decoupled a cargo car for Rio Durant to carry off with an AT-hauler. Unfortunately, Enfys Nest’s Cloud-Riders were also after the shipment, and their arrival roused Imperial Viper probes – with Val in a dangerously exposed position.

Val preparing to trigger the bridge explosives on herself

Pinned down, her grappling gun lost in the probe assault, and running out of options, Val completed her part of the mission, sacrificing herself by triggering the explosives lining the bridge.