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Enfys Nest interrupting Beckett's conveyex heist on Vandor

After an ill-fated run-in on Vandor, as the Cloud-Riders jockeyed for the same Imperial conveyex transport that Tobias Beckett and his crew were attempting to lift, the mysterious masked leader Enfys Nest waited patiently for another chance to face off against the gunslinger.

Enfys Nest overlooking the snowy landscape of Vandor

Following a tracking beacon implanted on the hull of the Millennium Falcon, a showdown between Enfys and Beckett came to a peaceful conclusion on Savareen when she revealed her identity and her gang’s noble motives over a drink at the local cantina.

Enfys Nest showing her true identity without her mask on

The crew of marauders were just as misunderstood as their fearless leader. Operating a small fleet of swoop bikes, the Cloud-Riders raided and pillaged cargo transports in the hopes of fueling an uprising against the inexorable gangsters who wiped out peaceful planets. Her story inspired Han Solo to alter his own plans to complete a mission for Dryden Vos, opting instead to help the young woman even though it meant losing nearly everyone he had left.