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Dryden Vos scolding Tobias Beckett and Han Solo

Dryden had a reputation as a merciless enforcer and the kingpin of the Crimson Dawn syndicate, a man not to be crossed. When a job on Vandor went south, Tobias Beckett and what remained of his crew were forced to grovel at Dryden’s feet. His palpable displeasure was known to be deadly, but Han Solo quickly hatched a plan to make up for the costly loss of the refined coaxium.

Dryden Voss consulting Qi'ra

Sending his most trusted conspirator, Qi’ra, along to oversee the risky endeavor beneath the surface of Kessel, Dryden stayed at a safe distance aboard his luxury yacht, traveling to Savareen to rendezvous with the team if they managed to survive the job.

Dryden Voss holding a case of coaxium in front of Han Solo

But Dryden had made a grave mistake, misjudging Qi’ra’s affinity for her childhood friend, Han. When Han attempted to double-cross the ruthless gangster, stealing the coaxium and Dryden’s money in the process, the betrayal led to a chaotic scuffle in the crime boss’s study. Many of Dryden’s collected antiques were destroyed in the fray, and just when it seemed he had won, Qi’ra turned against him, dealing a deadly blow with his own Kyuzo petar, and assuming his rank at the side of the real leader of Crimson Dawn.