General Hux declaring the end of the New Republic on Starkiller Base

Hux spent his life in thrall to the idea of Imperial power – his father was an Imperial Academy commandant, whose radical ideas about training soldiers became a key part of the First Order’s vision. As commander of Starkiller Base, Hux revived another Imperial ideal: achieve military superiority through technological terror.

General Hux on a holocall with Snoke

After the destruction of Starkiller Base, Hux led First Order forces that drove the Resistance from D’Qar – and assured Supreme Leader Snoke that one of his latest technological innovations would soon deliver victory for their regime. After Snoke’s demise, Hux accompanied Kylo Ren to Crait, helping oversee the First Order assault on the remnants of the Resistance.

General Hux on a holocall with Snoke

General Hux worked closely with Commander Pyre to quash the last vestiges of the Resistance in a planet-by-planet sweep, eliminating all who were rebellious toward the First Order’s regime.

General Hux and Kylo Ren

With Ren secure as Supreme Leader, Hux found himself sidelined, placed under the command of Allegiant General Pryde. Determined to outflank Ren, he leaked critical intelligence to Resistance sympathizers in hopes of engineering his rival’s downfall.

General Hux and General Pryde

But Hux’s hatred for Ren had blinded him to other dangers. Pryde was no fool, and correctly identified Hux as the spy within the First Order. With a single blaster shot, Pryde ended Hux’s career, ambitions and life.