Wisdom from Master Yoda: A Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Guide

Much to learn you still have with a little help from Galaxy of Adventures and StarWars.com

One of the most valuable lessons in the Star Wars saga is that looks can be deceiving. Whether it’s the princess who rescues her own rescuers, or the kindly face that turns out to be the vilest evil, what you initially see in Star Wars (and in life) isn’t always what you get.

It’s a powerful, yet simple truth that is exemplified in Yoda. Diminutive as he may be, he’s the Jedi Master who stands tallest among the galaxy’s guardians of peace and justice. His duel with Count Dooku, as seen in “Size Matters Not,” offers a perfect opportunity for you to talk with your Padawan about why they would do well to not make assumptions based on initial appearances.

Princess Leia Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures guide for parents.

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They’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about our little green friend with Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts before undergoing their trivia trials: three questions about Yoda.

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Fun, we hope you have. And as always, may the Force be with you.

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