The Force Is Strong with Them: Announcing the Winners of We Love Fine’s “Dark Side Design” Contest


In February, We Love Fine, purveyors of some of the Internet’s most inventive and creative fan-made tees, asked designers to call on the power of the dark side for their Dark Side Design Contest. The theme of the contest: submit T-shirt designs featuring only Sith, bounty hunters, and other scum and villainy of the Star Wars universe. Fans embraced the challenge, and now the winners — selected by a panel of guest celebrity judges — can be revealed!

Grand Prize Winner (Wins the Wacom Cintiq HD Tablet!):
“No Place to Hide” by Aaron Davis

Judge’s Pick — Chris Hardwick (Wins $400 cash):
“Dark Side Fighter” by Drew Wise

Judge’s Pick — Steve Sansweet (Wins $400 cash):
“The Dark Side Diner” by Gary Jensen

Judge’s Pick — Adrianne Curry (Wins $400 cash):
“Banana Trap” by Florent Rousseau

Judge’s Pick — Rebel Force Radio (Wins $400 cash):
“Dark Side Balloon” by Marq Romero

Congrats to all the winners — your are all strong with the dark side! (And be sure to check out all the awesome honorable mentions!)

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