Star Wars Fantasy Flight Games Preview: July 2015

Introducing the dreaded Imperial Raider and more!

It’s July, which means it’s a time to celebrate independence and revolutions — including the Star Wars kind. In Fantasy Flight Games’ latest Star Wars RPG offering, the Rebels’ hope to defeat the evil Galactic Empire suffers a dagger with the creation of a deadly new starship in the X-Wing Miniatures Game, and the latest Force Pack in Star Wars: The Card Game enhances the ability of the players to maneuver their starships and vehicles. Check out a special preview below, which includes descriptions and a picture gallery!

Star Wars: The Card Game — Chain of Command Force Pack ($14.95)
“I am Grand Admiral Thrawn, warlord of the Empire, servant of the Emperor.” –Grand Admiral Thrawn
Are you a loyalist to the Empire? Then stand beside Grand Admiral Thrawn and lead the Imperial Navy to victory with Chain of Command, the fifth Force Pack in the Rogue Squadron cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game. Like the other Force Packs in the Rogue Squadron cycle, this expansion focuses on your cutting-edge starships and the ace pilots who fly them. Now you have the tools you need to scramble your starfighters and outmaneuver the opposition in galactic dogfights!

Whether you choose to fly for the light or dark side, Chain of Command offers you new vehicles for land and air. Challenge your opponent to a break-neck swoop race, make a profitable run on a smuggling freighter, or return to Luke Skywalker’s beginnings as a farm boy — one that braved the treacherous Beggar’s Canyon. No matter who you fight for, the new objective sets in Chain of Command introduce the tricks and tactics you need to take command of the battle and win one for the galaxy.

X-Wing Miniatures Game — Imperial Raider Expansion Pack ($99.95)
X-Wing Epic Play just got a lot more interesting with the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack!
The Empire has gained a powerful counter to the Rebellion’s huge ships with a slick new anti-fighter designed to reinforce Imperial TIE squadrons. With its Single Turbolasers, Ion Cannon Batteries, and multiple crew options, the Raider-class corvette is a nightmare for any Rebel fleet.

The Imperial Raider Expansion Pack brings this ship to life with one huge, pre-painted Imperial Raider-class corvette, as well as a new TIE Advanced miniature that features an alternate paint scheme. Rules for “energy” allow you to fuel your Raider’s shields and abilities, a special maneuver template gives it the feel of a truly huge ship, and multiple upgrades add new ways to crush the Rebellion in both Epic and Standard Play! All Star Wars, all the time.

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