Star Wars Fangirls Go Back to School with Inspiration

A new school year has started and many young Padawans are taking Star Wars to school with them. Star Wars backpacks, lunchboxes, water bottles, binders, and folders. Most of these items feature the male characters of Star Wars, leaving us fangirls to get crafty if we want something featuring female Star Wars heroines and/or villains. I got this idea from fellow fangirl Kristen, who posted this photo of her first grader’s school binder on my Her Universe Facebook page.

Star Wars Notebook

Kristen said that her daughter could not find a binder that she liked, so she made her own featuring her favorite characters. There are so many strong female characters in the Star Wars universe for fangirls to look up to and be inspired by. Especially after five seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, our girls have several smart, powerful, kick-butt characters to remind them that with hard work, an entire galaxy of opportunities await.

So get out your Star Wars books, magazines, comics, stickers, scissors and glue, and let’s send our girls to school everyday with the Force!

May The Force Be With You
Ashley 😮