Star Wars Back-to-School Shopping Guide 2019

Incomplete was their training! Jump into learning at lightspeed with the galaxy’s best school supplies and dormitory accessories.

Suit up, cadets! Whether your youngsters are headed to the Imperial Academy on Lothal to be trained with the Empire’s finest soldiers or simply back to an Earth classroom, a new school year calls for new Star Wars-themed gear. With our guide, you’ll have your shopping done so quickly there will be plenty of time to waste with friends over at Tosche Station.

Star Wars 2020 Box Calendar

Trends International 2020 Star Wars Box Calendar

Stay focused on the present with a day-at-a-time calendar full of fun Star Wars facts and trivia.

Star Wars Cubcoats

Cubcoats Star Wars Collection

Shopping for a new coat doesn’t have to be boring. Younglings will delight in the stylish zip-ups that convert into a travel companion.

Thermos Novelty Lunch Box with Funtainer Bottle

Thermos Novelty Lunch Box with Funtainer Bottle

Any astromech who can be trusted to carry the Death Star plans can certainly handle the important assignment of keeping the lunch you packed cold. 

Out of Print Star Wars Graphic Tee

Out of Print Star Wars Graphic Tees 

There are lots of Star Wars tees to choose from, including this cool collection that combines vintage graphics from classic Star Wars books, favorite characters, and a readiness to learn.Star Wars Stormtrooper Army FanPanel

Artissimo FanPanels

Add a touch of fandom to small spaces with canvas art prints perfect for adding some Force flair to your Padawan’s dorm room.


BioWorld Heroes and Villains Collection

Gather the essentials in a backpack styled after the Rebel Alliance’s pilot fatigues.Star Wars – Death Star Premium Journal

Pyramid America Death Star Journal

Where to write down your galactic intel? This journal is a good place for notes and other school to-do lists.

Kipling backpacks

Kipling Star Wars Seoul Go Backpack

Join Darth Vader and together you can rule the school year in style with this backpack.

Otterbox Galactic Collection Symmetry Case

Otterbox Galactic Collection Symmetry Cases

Like a deflector shield for your cell phone, this line of slim and protective cases will keep your smartphone so safe even an upset Wookiee couldn’t crack it.

Pottery Barn pencil case.

Pottery Barn backpacks

Pottery Barn Star Wars Pencil Case and Backpacks

Keep pencils, pens, and other necessities in a cool and handy case that will never get lost blending into the bottom of a backpack (or hidden among an asteroid field). The line also features backpacks sized for all ages, from younglings all the way to Jedi Knights.

Star Wars: C-3PO Does Not Like Sand!

Star Wars Books

The new school year brings plenty of required reading, but it’s nice to make time for something fun. For Padawan learners, C-3PO Does NOT Like Sand! follows the desert adventure of the protocol droid and his counterparts, or Star Wars: Who’s Who In The Galaxy, a primer on heroes, villains, droids, aliens, and creatures. For Jedi Knights, Star Wars: Be More Yoda, a helpful teaching tool on your journey to more mindful thinking. All Star Wars, all the time.

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