Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Content Comes to Star Wars: Commander

What will you become -- with an update that includes Shoretroopers, AT-ACT Walkers, and more?

The first wave of new content inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrives today in an update for the hit mobile strategy game, Star Wars: Commander. Characters and vehicles from the film, including Shoretroopers, Rebel Commandos, Gigoran Fighters, and AT-ACT Walkers, are available now, with additional Rogue One content coming later this year.

Also included in today’s update is a new Armory feature, allowing players to customize the appearance of their troops through special equipment that will impact in-game strategy. Looking to battle on Hoth? Armory customizations from the original Star Wars trilogy, such as Imperial Snowtroopers, Cold-weather Rebel Soldiers, and Captain Han Solo in protective gear will be perfect for the planet’s frigid temperatures.

Players can join the battle for control of the galaxy by downloading the game from the Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore and Windows App Store.

Stay tuned to for more on Star Wars: Commander! All Star Wars, all the time.