New Video Series: A Discussion About the Future of Star Wars

On October 19, 2012, Lucasfilm veteran Lynne Hale sat down with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy to record a historic conversation. George and Kathleen had already been working in secrecy for months on the earliest stages of planning for new Star Wars films, and were days away from signing an agreement for The Walt Disney Company to acquire Lucasfilm. The pace had been hectic, the excitement palpable. In the midst of it, George and Kathy agreed to take the time to communicate directly with fans and share their reflections on these monumental events. Over the coming weeks, will present a series of videos culled from this broad-ranging conversation, offering viewers an inside look at what the future holds for Star Wars and Lucasfilm.

Long-time Star Wars fans will remember Hale as their window into the earliest development of Episode I. She hosted the seminal web-documentary series that ran on from 1998 to 1999, which offered an inside look at the making of the film as it counted down to its release. Now senior director of public relations for Lucasfilm, Hale sat down with the co-chairs of the company to discuss the news of Lucasfilm’s acquisition by The Walt Disney Company, the future of new Star Wars movies, and more.

Keep checking back to this page in the coming weeks as new chapters of this video series are posted.