ILMxLAB Debuts New Vader Immortal Character Posters for SDCC 2019

Get a first look at the SDCC-exclusive giveaways -- and find out how you can collect all six!

Fate has chosen you — to get spectacular Vader Immortal posters at San Diego Comic-Con.

As revealed on The Star Wars Show, ILMxLAB is giving away brand-new Vader Immortal collectible posters at the pop-culture event. The six posters feature characters from Episode I of the innovative Star Wars VR experience, including the Black Bishop, Darth Vader, Admiral Karius, Mustafarian Priestess, Vylip, and ZO-E3. A limited amount of the posters will be available each day of the show at the Lucasfilm pavilion (booth #2913) — but the Sith Lord won’t be so easy to capture. You’ll have to attend ILMxLAB’s “Star Wars Stories” panel on Friday to obtain the Darth Vader poster.

Check out the posters and full ILMxLAB panel info below!

The Black Bishop Vader Immortal SDCC poster

The Black Bishop

Darth Vader Vader Immortal SDCC poster

Darth Vader

Admiral Karius Vader Immortal SDCC poster

Admiral Karius

Mustafarian Priestess Vader Immortal SDCC poster

Mustafarian Priestess

Vylip Vader Immortal SDCC poster


ZO-E3 Vader Immortal SDCC poster


Step Inside ILMxLAB’s Star Wars Stories
Friday, July 19, 2019
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Room 7AB

From your Jedi Trials on Tatooine to a walk on the dark side in Vader Immortal, ILMxLAB is taking Star Wars fans on immersive journeys to a galaxy far, far away. Ben Snow (director), Jose Perez III (senior experience designer), Alyssa Finley (senior producer), and Sarah Barrick (production coordinator) will give attendees a look back at these incredible adventures and a sneak peek at Vader Immortal: Episode II. Moderated by Justin Bolger (ILMxLAB marketing manager).

See the Vader Immortal posters and more on this week’s installment of The Star Wars Show! All Star Wars, all the time.

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