Galaxy Wire: Star Wars News from Around the Web – July 21, 2015

The Washington Nationals celebrate Star Wars and more news from around the Internet!

Galaxy Wire is a selection of the team’s favorite activity relating to Jedi, Sith, and the power of the Force on the Internet. From Star Wars: The Force Awakens tidbits to photos of dogs dressed like Ewoks, you’ll find it all here. Thankfully, no Bothans died to get us this information.

Star Wars Day in the nation’s capital

For the first time, bounty hunters, Jedi, and stormtroopers descended upon Washington D.C. to celebrate Star Wars Day at Nationals Park, and it was a wild scene at Coruscant’s sister city, as reported by the Washington Post. No, there wasn’t a Sith opera during the seventh inning stretch, and blue milk wasn’t being sold at the concession stands (though it was likely available at Chase Field in the desert). Instead, thousands of fans got to witness a bunch of presidents race around the field dressed up as some of their favorite characters from the film. Who else was shocked that Abe Lincoln ended up being Darth Vader?

Return of the Jedi poster

Incontrovertible proof that Return of the Jedi is the best Star Wars film

Metro has 12 reasons why Return of the Jedi is the greatest Star Wars film of all time. With some of the most memorable lines in movie history — “It’s a trap!” and “Let the hate flow through you!” — Luke rocking it with his green lightsaber, and Lando Calrissian blowing up the Death Star, one has to wonder: only 12?

Samurai shih tzu 

And to think, these adorable little bear hamsters defeated the Emperor’s best stormtroopers. Anyway, Munchkin the Teddy Bear is back with a new video that reports is getting thousands of views. Stay clear of his backyard, it’s full of catapalts and log traps.

What Star Wars news are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below! All Star Wars, all the time.

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