Fully Operational Fandom: These Pets in Star Wars Costumes Are Ready for Halloween

Cats and dogs feel the Fur-ce this Halloween.

Halloween is here. Star Wars fans love to dress up as their favorite characters, and many also love to dress up their pets! Whether you’re seeking a last-minute costume idea for your own furry companion or just want to see some cats and dogs dressed as Jedi, these are the pets you’re looking for. (And remember, Petco has tons of officially licensed costumes, too.)


If cats could be cosplay professionals, Nak and Fawkes would be gazillionaires. Known as Cat Cosplay online, the felines are prepared for costumed events year-round, not just Halloween. Their owners have been dressing them up for about six years, and they have over 60 costumes. Sixty! That’s probably more outfits than Padmé has in her closet.


All the costumes are handmade, and the Captain Phasma, a.k.a. Captain Pawsma, was the trickiest to construct so far because it was their first time using Worbla. Getting Rey’s costume right involved putting the fabric in a bag of sand to weather it and attain the proper colors.


I asked Cat Cosplay for tips on getting pets used to wearing costumes, and they said to start small: “Floofy collars, capes, hoods, loose vests. Things that don’t impair their movement, and they don’t agitate the sensitive areas on their head or paws. Whenever you get something new, introduce the cat to it and combine it with playtime and treats before putting it on. Dogs are much more likely to go along with things, for cats you have to make it an experience that they are on board with.” Apply this advice when you dress up your pet on Halloween and hope the Force is on your side.

Nak and Fawkes aren’t the only pets sporting galactic style. Let’s meet a few other fashion-forward animals, starting with Loki!


He’s not just any dog pilot, he’s the best pilot in all the galaxy. His skills will give you pawse. (Thanks, I’ll be here all week.) His owner Catherine says when Loki’s dressed in this dashing costume, he goes by Poeki.

Last but certainly not least, say hello to JellyBean.


Beans is showing off a lovely R2-D2 frock. I think the fur really enhances the astromech’s appearance. R2 Beans’ owner Darrin says she doesn’t completely embrace the costume, but she beeps and boops her way through.

If you’re dressing up your critters in Star Wars costumes for Halloween, please share photos with me on Twitter!

Amy Ratcliffe is a writer obsessed with Star Wars, Disney, and coffee. Follow her on Twitter at @amy_geek.

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