Bad Batch Declassified: 5 Highlights from “Return to Kamino”

The Bad Batch launch a desperate rescue mission to save Hunter.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is here, chronicling the adventures of the elite squad Clone Force 99 following the end of the Clone War. In Bad Batch Declassified, we’ll explore our favorite moments from each episode of the series, available only on Disney+. Armor up and join us for the ride.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses details and plot points from the Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode, “Return to Kamino.”

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It was inevitable.

The Bad Batch’s luck has finally run out, with Hunter captured by the Empire and Crosshair. “Return to Kamino” picks up on that cliffhanger, and marks an emotional culmination of the entire series thus far, as the Bad Batch must confront their brother and former friend — instead of hiding from him. Here are five highlights from “Return to Kamino,” now streaming on Disney+.

The hidden tube system.

1. The hidden tube system.

Kamino has always been a visually-interesting and unique world, but this secret network of tunnels beneath the planet’s waters just adds to its mystique. Thematically, it serves to reinforce the importantance of Omega to the team; without her they wouldn’t know about it and, subsequently, wouldn’t get inside the cloning facilities.

Omega and the Bad Batch in the tube system

2. Origin story.

Another Kamino mystery revealed, but this one ties directly to Clone Force 99. Omega takes the Bad Batch to Nala Se’s secret laboratory, the very place that they were created. It’s an unexpected moment that takes these hardened soldiers — and the audience — by surprise.

Hunter and Crosshair

3. Hunter and Crosshair.

The former friends have several great scenes together, trading barbs and ideology throughout the episode. But it all comes to a head when Crosshair surprisingly offers the Bad Batch a chance to join the Empire instead of outright destroying them. It’s a strong echo of a classic Star Wars theme — the temptation of power — and Hunter remains true to himself. “You really don’t get who we are, do you?” he says, not even considering the offer. Go, Hunter. 

Crosshair talking to Hunter

4. “This is who I am.”

Crosshair’s revelation that he already removed his inhibitor chip and is willfully siding with the Empire is both shocking and disheartening. Still, Hunter isn’t ready to give up on his brother, proving once again why he’s the heart of the Bad Batch.

The destruction of Kamino

5. The destruction of Tipoca City.

The Empire’s plan comes to fruition, as it erases all ties to Kamino with the annihilation of its cloning facilities. It’s a troubling sequence that illustrates the ruthlessness of the Empire, but also marks the end of an era for fans of clone troopers and their heroic adventures before the rise of evil. 

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