Bad Batch Declassified: 5 Highlights from “Bounty Lost”

Truths are discovered and danger grows in an emotional, action-packed episode.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is here, chronicling the adventures of the elite squad Clone Force 99 following the end of the Clone War. In Bad Batch Declassified, we’ll explore our favorite moments from each episode of the Original Series, now streaming only on Disney+. Armor up and join us for the ride.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses details and plot points from the Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode, “Bounty Lost.”

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Bounty Lost” picks up right where the cliffhanger of “Reunion” left off: with Omega captured by Cad Bane and the Bad Batch trying to escape from Crosshair and the Empire. What follows is a series of shocking revelations, killer fights, and deep emotion, firmly positioning “Bounty Lost” among the finest episodes of the series so far. Here are five highlights from “Bounty Lost,” now streaming on Disney+.

Echo, Wrecker, and Hunter

1. The truth about Omega.

There was always something about this young clone and, thanks to Tech’s analysis, we now know: much like Boba Fett, Omega is an unaltered clone of Jango Fett. This is a series-changing revelation, and explains why she’s so valuable to the Kaminoans. 

Omega talking to Todo 360

2. “It’s not like I can escape off this ship.”

Omega’s methodical manipulation of Todo 360 is beautiful to watch, showing she knows just how to push this droid’s buttons (literally and figuratively). As always, Omega proves once again that she is not to be underestimated.

Fennec vs. Bane

3. Fennec vs. Bane.

Now we’re talking! From their tense negotiation, to a game of hide and seek, to a knock-down-drag out fight, this creatively staged and executed clash is an instant-classic.

Omega looking at a clone

4. Failed experiments.

In a haunting sequence, Omega stumbles upon tanks of lifeless beings from old, abandoned attempts at cloning. It’s a reminder of her origins and potential fate — troubling for both Omega and the audience.

Hunter comforting Omega

5. Words of comfort.

The bond between Hunter and Omega has come to form the heart of The Bad Batch, and that’s never been more clear than in this scene. Omega, shaken by what she’s experienced, confides her fears in the battle-hardened Bad Batcher. Hunter, in turn, offers just the reassurance she needs. “You are never going back to Kamino,” he tells her. “I promise.” The young clone believes him, and it’s apparent in this moment that Hunter has fully committed to a new purpose: protecting Omega.

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