Andor Analyzed: 5 Highlights from Episode 7, “Announcement”

Following the Aldhani heist, nothing's the same.

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Spoiler warning: This article contains story details and plot points from the seventh episode of Andor, “Announcement.”

So begins the fallout.

“Announcement,” the seventh installment of Andor, chronicles the aftermath of the Aldhani heist. It ain’t all good. The Empire takes the opportunity to tighten its grip, and Supervisor Meero of the ISB sees the robbery for what it really is — hence, the title of the episode. Cassian, for his part, pays a shocking price that sets a whole new course for the series. Here are five highlights.

Supervisor Meero isn’t pleased

1. “We’re playing straight into their hands.”

In the wake of the Aldhani heist, laws are rewritten and the Empire looks to clamp down on any criminal acts against its authority. Even though this will mean new powers for the ISB, Supervisor Meero isn’t pleased. She knows this was no mere robbery; it was a declaration of war — an “announcement” that the rebels are here to fight — and the Empire should react in kind. And she’ll prove it.

Syril’s first day on the job

2. Syril’s first day on the job.

Uncle Harlo came through. Though for a righteous true-believer like Syril, boring data-work in the Imperial Bureau of Standards only adds to the sting of his disgrace.

Mon Mothma tells Tay Kolma the truth

3. “I want to tell you something…”

While the politicians and the galaxy’s most affluent mingle at her dinner party, Mon Mothma commits one of her bravest acts. She tells banker and old friend Tay Kolma the truth about her involvement in the burgeoning rebellion, hoping he’ll assist her in setting up a front for rebellion finances. With the Empire’s eyes everywhere, it’s a huge risk that not everyone would take. Thankfully, Tay seems to hold the same disdain for Imperial tyranny as Mon.

Maarva and Cassian Andor reunite

4. A goodbye.

There’s great irony in Cassian’s conversation with Maarva, as the Aldhani heist has inspired his mother to stand against the Empire — much to his disbelief. While he doesn’t think the rebellion can win, she won’t bury her head in the sand any longer and chooses to remain on Ferrix. It’s a powerful scene; they clearly love each other, but are choosing different paths.

Cassian finds himself sentenced to six years in prison.

5. “Take it up with the Emperor.”

Guilty of walking past a shoretrooper looking to flex his authority, Cassian finds himself sentenced to six years in prison. The makes-your-blood-boil sequence serves to illustrate the Empire’s unrelenting authoritarianism, with the harsh penalty resulting — again, ironically — from the Aldhani theft. If anything’s clear, it’s that even if Cassian chooses not to get involved in the rebellion, there’s no escape from the Imperial machine.

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