5 Inspirational Works of Art from Sabine Wren

From murals to missing TIEs, Spectre 5 from Star Wars Rebels can add her artistic touch to nearly anything.

Sabine Wren is many things: resilient Mandalorian warrior, brilliant explosives expert, and one of the first rebels to rise up in the fight against the Empire.

She’s also a talented graffiti artist. Between her vibrant hair and customized armor, she expresses herself confidently and in an unmistakably unique way, and pours her heart and soul into every piece.

Sabine is far from your typical hero and that’s exactly why I find her to be so inspiring. Here are my five favorite works of art from arguably the most colorful member of the Ghost crew.

Sabine's TIE fighter.

1. There’s nothing bland about Sabine’s custom paint job. After Zeb and Ezra steal a TIE fighter, Sabine gets her hands on it to give it a custom finish. Gone is the Empire’s soulless silver and grey color scheme. Now the screeching vehicle sports orange and yellow hues and a unique checkered pattern. It’s more than just changing the palette, though. Sabine’s art redefines a symbol, typically associated with oppression and conformity, and turns it into an instrument for the rebel cause.

Sabine's starbird.

2. Sabine’s signature Starbird is the predecessor to the Rebel Alliance insignia. The Starbird symbol is Sabine’s signature mark, which she leaves wherever she goes. Similar to the mythological phoenix, an indestructible bird that rises from the ashes, the symbol depicts a bird rising up in the air with its wings outstretched. It’s an image of protest and hope, a reminder to keep fighting even when all is thought to be lost.

Sabine's doodle.

3. Even Sabine’s prank graffiti has a certain flair. Sabine has a wicked sense of humor and she’s not afraid to show it. Like when she immortalized the moment Ezra and Zeb’s bunk bed collapsed (thanks to that rascally droid, Chopper). It might’ve been humiliating for Ezra and Zeb, but hey, you have to admit the way she captured their expressions is pure gold.

Sabine Wren on Star Wars Rebels.

4. She proves anything can be a canvas, including her ever-changing hair and armor. As someone who regularly dyes the underside of her hair purple, I really appreciate Sabine’s personal style. But beyond my surface-level appreciation, there’s some top-notch visual storytelling going on here as well. When she returns to Clan Wren, you may notice that her armor is almost entirely purple. The same goes for her hair. It’s a symbol that Sabine is returning to her noble roots (purple also happens to be the color of royalty). But throughout the series, she expresses what’s on her mind and the adventures she’s had in colorful illustrations.

Sabine's family portrait.

5. But her most inspirational piece is the portrait of her Ghost family. Okay, so, this one really warms my cold, black heart. In the final episode of Star Wars Rebels, Sabine paints a beautiful portrait of the Ghost crew. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, but it really encompasses what Star Wars is all about: the importance of family. Sabine has a real family on Mandalore, but the Ghost crew is her chosen family.

Ashley Barry-Biancuzzo is an editor at Reviewed, a division of USA TODAY. She also occasionally writes for Geek & Sundry and StarWars.com.

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