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Rush Clovis talking with Separatist leaders

During the Clone Wars, Rush Clovis represented the interests of the Banking Clan and the planet Scipio in the Senate. Clovis had once been romantically involved with Padmé Amidala, who discovered the Banking Clan was helping bankroll the Separatist war effort.

Padme Amidala interrogating Rush Clovis at gunpoint

Later, on Scipio, Clovis told Padmé he’d uncovered evidence that the Banking Clan was corrupt and had nearly bankrupted the galaxy’s economic system. Clovis enlisted Padmé’s help in obtaining evidence to prove his allegations.

Rush Clovis becoming the new leader of the Banking Clan

Clovis wished to restore the Banking Clan’s neutrality in galactic affairs, and the evidence he uncovered led to his being named the group’s new leader, as approved by both the Republic and the Separatists.

Rush Clovis holding Padme Amidala hostage

But Clovis was a pawn in a Sith conspiracy to get control of the Banking Clan. Trapped by Count Dooku’s schemes, he was forced to take increasingly desperate measures to save himself.