Star Wars: The High Republic: New Trailer Revealed and More

In a special live stream event, Lucasfilm debuted a trailer for its publishing initiative, never-before-seen covers and concept art, and announced new details on forthcoming books, comics, and more.

Star Wars: The High Republic kicks off tomorrow, when the first books in the multimedia initiative arrive.

To celebrate the new era of Star Wars storytelling, Lucasfilm opened the blast doors on its publishing epic today with a special live stream celebrating the January 5 launch of The High Republic.’s Kristin Baver hosted the event, leading a discussion with Lucasfilm Publishing creative director Michael Siglain and the authors collaborating on the new stories: Charles Soule, Justina Ireland, Cavan Scott, Daniel José Older, and Claudia Gray. During the hour-long conversation, the writers discussed their collaboration, plot points, and the inspiration behind some new characters, and revealed just some of what fans can look forward to as they explore this uncharted corner of the galaxy far, far away.

Here’s a rundown of all the biggest news to come out of the event.

1. Check out that brand-new trailer! We think it speaks for itself.


2. Into the Dark will introduce us to some new galactic pilots. Gray shared some insights onto her squadron of heroes including Leox, Geode, and Affie.

Bonbraks Concept art of Ty Yorrick, for The High Republic.Ram Jamoram

3. And we got our first look and intel on a host of other new characters. From the Bonbraks to Ty Yorrick to Ram Jamoram, The High Republic is full of fun new creatures, aliens, and characters.

4. The character inspiration runs the gamut. While Gray envisioned a Matthew McConaughey-type for one of her smugglers, Older used a colleague’s radio callsign from his days as a paramedic to help him craft a character known as “Buckets of Blood.” You’re going to want to hear him tell the story.

5. Soule’s new fiction in the latest Star Wars Insider is just the beginning. In addition to the series of tales that began in issue #199, Ireland and Scott will be penning some “Starlight Stories” for the magazine this year.

Ty Yorrick holds her lightsaber at the ready on the cover of The Monster of Temple Peak, a High Republic graphic novel.

6. Scott will also be be adding an original graphic novel to the mix. The Monster of Temple Peak will include art by Rachael Stott.

Out of the Shadows cover

7. Ireland will be leading us Out of the Shadows. In her first YA novel for the initiative, Ireland will bring the ongoing adventures of Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh, Padawan Reath Silas, Padawan Imri Cantaros, and more to a new audience.

Race to Crashpoint Tower cover

8. Older is gearing up for Race to Crashpoint TowerThe second middle grade novel set in the era will be filled with high-flying entertainment.

The Edge of Balance cover

9. In addition to comics from Marvel and IDW, The High Republic will include an original graphic novel in the manga format from Viz Media. With a story by Ireland and Shima Shinya and art from Mizuki Sakakibara, The Edge of Balance is the first in a new series.

10. will welcome the initiative with a brand-new bi-monthly show. The panel introduced host Krystina Arielle, who will be taking fans on a deep dive behind the scenes with creators, artists, and authors in the new series Star Wars: The High Republic Show.

Phase I: Light of the Jedi Phase II: Quest of the Jedi Phase III: Trials of the Jedi

And the journey is far from over. Siglain revealed that the announced titles are just part of the first phase in the multi-year project rollout. Although little is known about what each one will entail, he did reveal the names of each phase:

  • Phase I: Light of the Jedi
  • Phase II: Quest of the Jedi
  • Phase III: Trials of the Jedi

Watch the full panel for yourself below!

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