Star Wars: Smuggler’s Bounty Audio Drama Set for Star Wars Celebration

Announcing a one-time-only live performance from director Kyle Newman!

Everyone’s favorite Greedo-shooting, Millennium Falcon-piloting, Ewok-preferred main course is back — in a new live audio drama, coming only to Star Wars Celebration.

Star Wars: Smuggler’s Bounty, directed by Kyle Newman (Fanboys, the upcoming Barely Lethal) and co-written by Newman and F.J. DeSanto, stars Han Solo in a special, by-fans-for-fans production set during the original trilogy. Reuniting the creative team behind Celebration IV’s hit Star Wars: Smuggler’s Gambit audio drama, it will be a one-time-only live performance on the Celebration Stage, with music, live sound effects, and a star-studded cast. Much like Smuggler’s Gambit, Smuggler’s Bounty promises to be a love letter to classic Star Wars radio dramas and the saga itself — affectionately made by true Star Wars aficionados.

David W. Collins (Digital Stage host) — who does an uncanny Han Solo  — will once again play the Corellian smuggler; James Arnold Taylor (Celebration Stage) will lend his incredible vocal talents, and Jimmy Mac (co-host, Behind-The-Scenes Stage) will produce the live experience. Expected to join them will be The Clone Wars alums Sam Witwer, Jaime King, and many other surprise guests.

After learning a valuable lesson in Smuggler’s Gambit, Smuggler’s Bounty finds Han Solo and Chewbacca, for better or worse, fully committed to The Rebellion. However, while dispatched on a vital diplomatic mission on behalf of Princess Leia, Han, determined to finally wipe his hands clean of Jabba the Hutt, tempts fate by mixing his past and present — only to watch it backfire! Trapped in a dangerous situation, Han is shocked to discover that an old flame may be their only hope for survival….

Remember what Obi-Wan said: Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them. With Smuggler’s Bounty, you won’t have to! So, buy your tickets for Star Wars Celebration now and get ready for a Force-filled audio drama you won’t experience anywhere else! All Star Wars, all the time.