Star Wars Rebels Costume Color Guide for Padawans, Twi’leks, and More

Learn the correct shades and hues for your Star Wars Rebels costumes -- straight from the show's creators.

Hello friends,

2015 is already an exciting year for all things Star Wars — and it’s only February.

As busy as we are on production, I realize many of you are just as busy creating amazing costumes for Star Wars Celebration. I love seeing everyone’s hard work on display at events — whether it be stormtrooper armor, a senatorial gown, or a walk-around General Krell (which was amazing). For those attempting a character from Star Wars Rebels, I wanted to offer some help. I am well aware of the importance of color matching and in film the lighting often has a great influence on the color of clothing. That makes it very difficult to create a precise match in real life. I know how accurate you want to be, so the team here at Rebels put together color charts with Pantone numbers so you can have the exact reference. Special thanks to Victoria Schmidt for the request!

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to seeing your creations!