5 Highlights from the Star Wars Eclipse Cinematic Reveal Trailer

StarWars.com breaks down the mysterious sneak peek of this just-announced Star Wars game.

The High Republic was the golden age of the Jedi — and fans will experience it in a new Star Wars game.

In a surprise announcement at The Game Awards, Lucasfilm Games and Quantic Dream revealed a stunning cinematic reveal trailer for Star Wars Eclipse, currently in early development and set during the High Republic era. While little is known about the story of Eclipse thus far, the cinematic trailer sets an exciting stage with powerful music and imagery. Here are five highlights.

The mystery of the drums

1. The mystery of the drums and the eclipse.

The trailer kicks off with a gray, humanoid alien preparing to play an ancient-looking drum in what seems to be some kind of ritual. He’s soon joined by others, and the rhythm builds and builds to a fevered pitch as we — and someone — witness an eclipse. It creates a decidedly ominous tone, and only at the end do we come to understand what it might all mean.

A lightsaber for battle

2. Jedi action.

We get a few tantalizing glimpses of Jedi of this era, including a sparring match, Master Yoda in the Council chambers, and two guardians of peace and justice igniting their lightsabers for battle. Who knows what else is in store?

One-eyed Duros in a bustling market

3. All the new characters and worlds. 

While we’ve been treated to Star Wars: The High Republic storytelling throughout this year — and have met many heroic Jedi, encountered the villains of the Nihil, and experienced the horror of the Drengir — the Eclipse trailer throws tons of newness at us. There’s a one-eyed Duros in a bustling market; beautiful planets of rock and green that we’ve yet to visit; unidentified armies marching; and much more. Not to mention the mysterious drummers from the beginning. Which is all to say that Eclipse seems like it will be adding significantly to the galaxy far, far away.

A space battle

4. The space battle.

In what looks to be an epic clash as good as anything seen in a Star Wars film, a squadron takes the fight to Trade Federation battleships. It’s fast, explosive, and 100 percent Star Wars. All wings report in. 

A drummer faces the camera

5. The ending.

As the drums reach their apex, and with the eclipse complete, a dark figure rises from a black pool. Who or what it is remains to be seen. But as the famous Star Wars saying goes, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Watch the Star Wars Eclipse cinematic reveal trailer below.

Visit Lucasfilm’s official hub for all things Star Wars: The High Republic at StarWars.com/TheHighRepublic.

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