SDCC 2014: Hasbro’s Star Wars Panel – Liveblog

The Force is strong…with action figures! Hasbro is here in San Diego to discuss all things Star Wars, including Star Wars Rebels toys, the Black Series, and much more. Follow along with our liveblog!

12:00: The panel begins! Hasbro is excited about Star Wars Rebels, especially the Inquisitor — a new villain. They also get to make new toys! A screen of the first wave of Rebels figures is shown, including Artoo and Threepio. The new Rebels trailer is played and receives a nice ovation.

12:02: The team is busy. “The future is very bright for this brand, and we’re thrilled to be along for the ride.”

12:03: Discussion turns to Ralph McQuarrie and the classic Star Wars feel of Rebels. McQuarrie in particular is a huge influence on the series. Clip plays of Dave Filoni speaking about Rebels — you can see it here:

12:06: At Hasbro, everyone admires McQuarrie’s work and style. The toy line will reflect this. Original concept art of Chewbacca is shown — very similar to Zeb from Rebels. Some things are taken directly from McQuarrie’s work, some is inspired.

12:08: Bill Hawley, Hasbro designer, discusses creating the Hera figure. “We work back and forth with Lucasfilm, seamlessly.” They receive lots of reference from Lucasfilm. In design, there are other considerations — as a pilot, Hera needs to fit in a cockpit and look accurate. The final figure is shown on screen. Looks great!

12:12: Sabine comes with two pistols and two working holsters. She will be in a two-pack with a stormtrooper in the Mission Series, as will Hera. Cikatro Vizago, an underworld boss from Rebels, is show in his two-pack with his droid.

12:11: Sabine concepts and figure sculpts are shown. Hawley says it took the team three tries to get Sabine’s pose right, in order to convey her attitude.

12:13: A Wookiee Missions pack from Rebels is shown, as are some classic character two-packs: Wicket and a scout trooper, and Bossk!

12:14: In the Saga Legends line, the Jedi Temple Guard and a new clone trooper from The Clone Wars are announced! Plo Koon is also coming to Saga Legends, as is at AT-ST driver. Check them out in the gallery below!

12:15: Now showing the original Imperial Troop Transport from Kenner’s 1970s line. It was not used then, but will be coming to Rebels!

12:19: Star Wars Command is a line of smaller figurines and vehicles that can recreate the scale of epic Star Wars battles — almost like green army men. Heroes are painted gold, villains painted silver.

12:20: “Reveal the Rebels” will be a Toys R Us exclusive for Star Wars Command — with an exclusive mystery figure. The Galactic Battlefied set includes a Star Destroyer and 93 figures! The Command Station carrying case is also coming to TRU.

12:23: New Black Series TRU exclusives! Han vs. Greedo 6-inch, and an Endor 3.75-inch collection. The giant Millennium Falcon is a Walmart exclusive, and a light-o X-wing is coming to Sam’s Club. Target will receive a 6-pack of 12-inch figures, including Rebels and classic characters. Also at Target: the Inquisitor and his TIE prototype, as well as Kanan and the Phantom!

12:25: Shadow Squadron 6-inch Black Series coming to Target. The Boba Fett prototype figure is coming to Walgreens.

Now onto the Black Series!

12:26: Coming in the 3.75-inch line: Medal Ceremony Leia (with cloth cape), Chewbacca, Clone Commander Wolffe, Captain Rex (new head, new torso, with “rust” details on his armor), Commander Doom from the Clone Wars Season Six, Jon “Dutch” Vanders, and Yoda’s Test Darth Vader (with Luke’s face beneath Vader’s mask). See them below!

12:29: The 6-inch line continues! TIE Pilot is on screen. Hasbro says they see no end in sight for the Black Series. It’s doing great. Also revealed: Han in stormtrooper armor (which they really worked hard at to get right), and Bossk (with articulated jaw!). The awesome Jabba figure comes with hookah pipe and Salacious Crumb. They worked closely with the packaging team to create some added display value and playability with his package.

12:36: And now with a bigger box design, they can do even more creatures. Just announced: Hoth Luke with wampa! The wampa’s arm IS indeed removable. Luke will be upside down in the packaging — scene appropriate.

12:38: Also coming to the 6-inch line is a tauntaun with Han Solo in his Hoth gear. Han will be able to ride the tauntaun!

12:39: And while he’s not shown, Hasbro confirms: The Emperor is coming to the 6-inch line, complete with a cloth cloak. See the new figures below!

That’s it! Thanks for reading!