Ron Howard Discusses the Forces that Shape Han in Solo: A Star Wars Story on The Star Wars Show

The director talks about the fan-favorite scoundrel, gives Star Wars the Bluth family treatment, and more!

Han Solo has been a fan favorite since we first met him and his walking carpet of a copilot inside the wretched hive that is the Mos Eisley cantina.  And when Director Ron Howard takes us back to Solo’s earlier days in Solo: A Star Wars Story later this month, he promises to examine some the scoundrel’s multifaceted personality and explore what — and who — shaped him into the hero we already know and love.

This week on The Star Wars Show, Howard sits down to talk about Han’s enduring appeal, which all comes down to the character’s duality. “He’s a great guy and he hates that about himself!” Howard says. “The idea that he’s out for himself, he’s got an outlaw spirit and code on one hand, but he can’t quite live it and walk it (because) he doesn’t entirely feel it.”

Bonus: The good-natured director didn’t just talk business while he was here. Check out the video below to see Howard as he tries his luck playing our original game “Han(z) or Fonz,” and helps us spoof his award-winning comedy Arrested Development.

Watch the full interview for more insights on Solo: A Star Wars Story ahead of its debut May 25, 2018 and catch plenty of other Star Wars news including details on the new animated series Star Wars Resistance and Chewbacca building his own LEGO Millennium Falcon! All Star Wars, all the time.

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