Luke Skywalker’s Journey Begins: A Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Guide

Pass on what you have learned about the story of Luke Skywalker with a little help from Galaxy of Adventures and

In the original Star Wars trilogy, no character embodies dreams like Luke Skywalker. Looking to the future, his mind on what could be…and how much fun he could have on any of the infinite number of adventures waiting for him just over the horizon.

Luke Skywalker in A New Hope.

Luke sits and looks toward Obi-Wan's extended hand holding a lightsaber in Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures.

If there’s one thing Star Wars inspires us to do, it’s dream.

The power of the Force is the power of imagination. Who among us hasn’t waved their hand at an automatic door, or stretched out toward a TV remote that’s out of reach with the thought that maybe, just maybe… it’ll actually work this time.

Through the epic characters and extraordinary adventures of Star Wars, fans of any age can enter a place where anything is possible. For children, it’s the chance to take the first steps into a larger world of powerful imagination in a galaxy far, far away. For parents and mentors, it’s an irresistible opportunity to reconnect with our own child-like wonder as we engage with our young ones, helping them to explore their hopes and wishes.

As we begin to explore Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, the new animated shorts on and the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, a series of guides will help you pass on what you have learned.

Luke Skywalker Galaxy of Adventures guide.

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This Galaxy of Adventures guide helps you talk to the young apprentice in your life about their fantasies. Taking its cue from “Journey Begins,” which you can also watch below, it uses Luke Skywalker’s aspirations as a jumping off point for a talk about their hopes.

Along the way you’ll also learn how to craft a lightsaber vase, and learn more about Luke’s journey with Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts. Then, only then, can your Padawan pass their trivia trials: three questions about the origins of Luke Skywalker.

For more Galaxy of Adventures, visit Star Wars Kids on YouTube and

Have fun! And may the Force be with you. All Star Wars, all the time.

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