Latest Look at Solo: Meet Enfys Nest, See Qi’ra in Action, and More!

Check out the latest Solo: A Star Wars Story clips and TV spots ahead of the film's world premiere!

It’s a classic showdown: Enfys Nest versus Han Solo and his crew.

A quick and subtle gesture and Han is ready to reach for the blaster at his side, despite Beckett’s calm and stern warning. What’s a scoundrel to do? Same thing he always does. Talk his way out of it.

We’re just hours away from the world premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and while we continue the countdown, there are a few all-new clips from the film to enjoy!

Big problem!

In the clip, “Enfys Nest,” we see Han show off his patented bravado and hear Enfys Nest speak!

New Val and Qi’ra footage!

When has Han ever steered you wrong? In the TV spot, “Lieutenant,” we spend a little more time getting to know some new characters, including glimpses of Val and Qi’ra in action.

“You made that move. OK.”

Before the standard wisdom was to let the Wookiee win, we see Beckett schooling Chewie on the art of strategy in the new clip “Holochess.”

“It’s Han, but that’s OK.”

Everything you’ve heard about Lando is true, and we learn a little bit more about the first time Han meets his buddy in the new clip, “Han Meets Lando.”

Punch it!

And in the TV spot “Risk,” there’s a lesson to be learned.

Check back at 5 p.m. PT on for our red carpet live stream, presented by NISSAN, from the world premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story in Los Angeles.

Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives May 25, 2018. All Star Wars, all the time.

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