General Anakin Skywalker Comes to Galaxy of Heroes – Exclusive

The Chosen One arrives on Friday, October 11, in the new event Clash On Kamino. is thrilled to announce that General Anakin Skywalker is officially coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, the hit mobile strategy game. Anakin can be unlocked October 11-13 by completing the new Epic Confrontation, Clash On Kamino. The event will first take you to a conflict raging in space, where you’ll battle General Grievous as he attempts to stop Skywalker from saving his friends on Kamino. Then, you’ll head down to the planet’s surface for a massive ground battle, defending Tipoca City from Asajj Ventress and the Separatist invasion with the help of General Kenobi. Get a first look at Anakin and Clash On Kamino in the Galaxy of Heroes screenshots below!

Clash on Kamino in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Character inventory screen in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes General Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes General Anakin Skywalker and clones in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

According to EA, Skywalker will be the most powerful character in the game to date — so get ready for the Chosen One to join your squad!

See a clip of Anakin in this week’s episode of The Star Wars Show below!

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is available for Android and iOS devices. All Star Wars, all the time.

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