Empire at 40 | Poll: Who is Your Favorite New Character in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back?

Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

On May 21, 1980, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back made its theatrical debut. To celebrate the classic film’s landmark 40th anniversary, StarWars.com presents Empire at 40,” a special series of interviews, editorial features, and listicles.

When Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back debuted in theaters 40 years ago, we were reunited with our heroes Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca as well as the evil Darth Vader. But the sequel also brought us a host of new faces, from the wise Master Yoda and smooth-talking Lando Calrissian to the mysterious bounty hunter Boba Fett. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, tell us your favorite new character from the film by voting in the poll below!

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