Get Your Vines on This DIY Drengir Planter

Make an easy craft inspired by the monstrous creatures of Star Wars: The High Republic!

The High Republic is a period of prosperity. But in the dark corners of the Republic, something sinister is creeping in the shadows…the Drengir! These plant-like predators want little more than to sink their teeth into the creatures of the galaxy. Monstrous mounds of vegetation-like bodies with writhing thorny vines and a blaster in “hand,” the Drengir are formidable foes even for a Jedi Knight.


You would never keep these verdant villains as a houseplant, but you can make your own DIY Drengir planter to add a nod to the High Republic to your home décor. Add a spiky or unusual plant inside and you’ve got a creepy, creeping conversation piece like no other.

What You’ll Need*

  • Black plastic plant pot
  • Printed High Republic template
  • Gold vinyl adhesive sheet
  • Green acrylic paint (various shades)
  • Glossy clear coat or decoupage glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil

*The activities in this article should only be done with adult supervision.

Get Started!

Step 1: Begin by printing and cutting out the High Republic symbol.

DIY Drengir Planter step 2

Step 2: Trace the symbol on the back of the gold vinyl adhesive sheet. Cut it out.

DIY Drengir Planter step 3

Step 3: Peel the backing from the vinyl and attach the High Republic symbol to the plastic pot.

DIY Drengir Planter step 4

Step 4: Use the hot glue gun to make “vines” creeping up the sides of the planter.

Tip: This is a rare project where you don’t have to worry about any annoying hot glue strings. They add to the creepiness!

Step 5: Let the hot glue cool completely.

DIY Drengir Planter step 6

Step 6: Next, mix a few shades of green acrylic paint. Paint the glue vines the darkest shade of green. Let dry.

DIY Drengir Planter step 7

Step 7: Use the lighter shades of green on the vines, particularly the ends, to add more color and highlights. Let all paint dry.

DIY Drengir Planter step 8

Step 8: Add a coat of decoupage glue or glossy clear varnish to protect the acrylic paint when the plant is watered. Let dry completely.

Your Drengir is done! A spiky succulent or something with creeping vines will find your handiwork to be the perfect home.

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